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Week 37

September 17th, 2019 at 01:13 am

Grocery = $49.45
Eating Out = We went out for lunch on Saturday, $33.50

Week 35

September 1st, 2019 at 06:40 pm

Grocery = $66.33, reasonable.

Trash and Treasure Market = Yesterday we went to the market and end up spending $120 plus $2 for entry fee. We got some birds netting , weed mat, cumquat tree, butcher’s knives (2) and a toy for my niece.

The weather has been nice the last few day although it rained a lot late yesterday afternoon, I guess spring is here.

Week 34

August 28th, 2019 at 12:46 am

Grocery = $78.30

Garden = Bought some fruit trees and other plants = $117.02

Gifts = Bought gifts for my little niece 2nd birthday, $47.90

Fixing the Fridge – part 2 = I think it was couple of months ago that we had problem with the fridge. DH cleaned it and it work fine for a month but after a while it accumulated some ice again. DH did some research and found what could be the cause of the problem. He replaced the part for only $8. It was fairly easy task replacing it. Hopefully, that has fixed the problem. He had at least eliminated one potential cause of the problem, there are 2 others that might be the issue but apparently this is the number one issue people experienced. Time will tell.

Week 32

August 14th, 2019 at 08:55 pm

Grocery = $81.84, a bit over than what I wanted it to be. Everything is going up in prices.

Birthday Present = I finally bought myself a birthday gift – 4 months later ($145).

Shopping = ($111.00) I had to throw away my old stock pot and had been looking to get a small frying pan. I also had to get rid of my old pasta marker, it broke late last year.

Gardening and Cooking = I did a little bit of gardening but the weather has been not that great but I’ve been doing a little bit every day. We made a big batch of dumplings (almost 100).

Til debt do us part = I been watching this old Canadian show online. It's amazing how people end up in debt. Interestingly it seems that majority of the people that participated in that show are mainly middle class. Most of them have a very decent income, which made it easier for them to get loans and credit cards and ultimately into consumer debts.

Week 31 – Got a New Dishwasher

August 5th, 2019 at 11:32 pm

Grocery = $52.40 – a lot more reasonable.

Dishwasher = so we went ahead and got the new dishwasher from Aldi. The price actually went down $20 from the week before. And DH spent another $29.90 to get some plumbing items to be able to hook it up. So in total it was $308.90, with a 3-year warranty.
I looked up our last dishwasher purchase and it was 9 years ago (I blogged about back in Aug 2010). That one cost us $595, we got it on sale with a great discount and the original price was $1,200. That one cost us $66.44 per year. An equivalent of 4.6 years for this new one but also there are some benefits because it uses cold water, it is more efficient in both water and electric usage and it has a delayed timer which means we can set it to wash the dishes during off-peak time.

Lunch out = we went out for lunch for a friend’s birthday. We spent $100 for gift and $52 for food.

Stovetop espresso maker = got one on sale down from $45 to $18. This was an item we have in our “to get for the right price” list.

Week 27

July 8th, 2019 at 12:04 am

Grocery = $50.29, the biggest purchase was the 1 kilo of honey.

Lunch out = $31.50, it has been a while since we went out to a restaurant, we have just been getting takeaways.

Week 24

June 26th, 2019 at 06:23 pm

Our fridge/freezer was making weird noises and there was some solid ice formed at the bottom of the freezer. So DH spent some time on the weekend cleaning and defrosting the freezer part of the fridge. Apparently at the bottom from the outside of it was full of dust. When we were away on holiday couple of months ago our power was out for couple of days. We thought we might need a new one when for couple of weeks it wasn’t working properly but it seems that is just needed good cleaning. At least 3 – 4 times a year I would always pull the fridge out to clean the back and the part of the floor where it stand but I never thought I need to vacuum the bottom of the fridge itself. DH said there’s some coils at the bottom that was really covered of dust. Now I know and will clean it regularly.

Grocery = another big spend ($186.00 even) but the pantry and freezer is now very full. So for the next 2-3 months we should not need to buy much food. I am currently re-organising the pantry and taking stock of what we got.


June 11th, 2019 at 09:53 pm

Grocery =$128.83, we stocked up on coffee and meat, there were some good sales. I have a feeling that inflation is going up further so I'm buy thing on sale while prices are good.

Water Bill – for the quarter it is $205.67

Electric Bill – we have now accumulated $80.69 credit, I believe they will be sending us a cheque before the end of the month (which is end of our financial year) they seemed to do this at end of financial year.

Gardening – We had a 3- day weekend here (for Queen’s birthday holiday), the weather was fairly nice so DH and I spent a bit of time gardening. We built two more raised bed. We have been experimenting on making compost at home. We did one that we started few months ago, it is now ready and have used it for the new raised beds. There were so many worms in it, they were loving it in there.
Also, last week DH bought a new compost bin, it is supposed to be really good that it is actually recommended by our council and they are actually giving us (I think) $50-$60 if we register it and buy it online through this specific company. I have to ask DH for actual numbers but I think he mentioned that they sell them at our local hardware store for $220 but I think we only paid $165 for it. While he ordered this new compost bin he also asked our council to swap our general bin to a smaller size, which cost cheaper (again I don’t remember the amount – I’ll update, when I get actual amounts). Since we have been composting everything that is compostable we hardly have anything to throw out in the general rubbish bin. The new bin is so small it looks like a kid’s toy.


May 28th, 2019 at 11:57 pm

Grocery = $64.87

Lunch out = We went out for lunch on Saturday with some friends, it cost us $41. And I gave away 4 pumpkins.

Garden = We went to a nursery and bought some small fruit trees, some other plants and garden supplies - $124.47

Week 20

May 21st, 2019 at 07:29 pm

Grocery = $132.10 – everything is getting very expensive. We bought another 25 kilo bag of rice (that was $38).
It is time to plant some more vegetables in the garden. Speaking of the garden, we just harvest all the pumpkin on the weekend and all up we produced 3 dozen, although 3 of them were small just under a kilo. At least that is something we won’t need to buy for the rest of the year. And we have extra that we can give away to some friends.

I’m finally starting to get into my routine again. I’m so much more productive when I follow a schedule. I’m doing a bit more work in the garden. I’m getting ready to plant some winter crops (kale, snow peas, peas, beetroot). Now that we got rid of the pumpkin, we need to clean up that area and finish the cementing of the border.

We eat healthier too when I’m organise. And I have more time for reading and working out.

Week 14

April 8th, 2019 at 11:49 pm

Groceries = $94.40 bought extra for an upcoming camping trip.
Other than grocery shopping we didn’t spend on anything else all weekend. We spend the weekend getting our camper trailer ready and clean out the garage a bit. I also did some tidying up in the garden and cleaning the car interior.

Week 13

March 31st, 2019 at 09:50 pm

Grocery - For the week was $58.35.

Filters - Got new water filters for $42.26 in total.

Movie - we had couple of movie passes for the Gold Class also it came with food voucher. We watched “Us” and end up spending $4.50 for extra drink.

Another relaxing weekend.

Week 11

March 18th, 2019 at 06:04 pm

We had beautiful weather on the weekend. We had a picnic and went for long walks.

Grocery = $55.60
Fuel = $41.55
Eating out = $43.70

This didn't work yesterday.

Week 10

March 12th, 2019 at 03:08 pm

We had car problem all weekend and because we had a long weekend DH couldn’t take it to the mechanic until this morning. I’m hoping it won’t cost too much and they can actually fix it.
Because of the car we cancelled our plan to go out on Sunday, we had planned to go to the farmer’s market again and we also had planned to go into the city. Instead me just spend some of our time at our local park, we got to watched a game of cricket.
However, we did chanced the car Saturday night were we had to be at a friend’s house for her daughter’s first birthday.

Grocery – since we didn’t want to drive the car too much we just walked to the store, which is just across the park. We went twice, Sunday and Monday, and took a backpack with us to help carry the groceries. The total of it was $31.65, I guess this is positive thing, and I managed to score some nice sales on meat.

Electricity – I actually tried to blog about this few days ago, it was a total fail. I actually tried to post a picture of our statement. It didn’t work to how I wanted it to come out and I just gave up on it, eventually. We got our statement for the billing period of 4 of Dec 2018 to 3 of Mar 2019 for a total of $93.20 credit. I can’t remember the breakdown of it now, but it was around $45 credit for this bill and it got added to last bill of $48 credit. We did really well considering we used it a great deal around Christmas time.

Coffee grinder – the other day DH ordered a coffee grinder online for $68, including postage. We have wanted to get one for a while now and we’ve also dried a bit of our herbs from the garden that might be good to have one to use for it.

We didn’t do much and I guess we had an in forced staycation on our long weekend. For some reason, I don’t even know how it happened but I ended watching a lot of Youtube. Particularly, the current politics in the US, this is usually not an interest of mind but I do like history of politics though. Anyway, I ended up in a rabbit hole about the current congresswoman from New York and then about the New Green Deal. Oh wow, very interesting. I also, watched a bit about what is currently happening in Canada. The word socialism got mentioned a lot, and it seemed like a lot of university students are really embracing it. This is interesting to me, here in Australia we tend to be few years behind the current trend, I think it used to be a decade behind but now with social media it is a bit quicker.

I also watched some videos about bullet journals, I have never journaled before and I think this might be a good one for me to have. I find that this is more suited to my personality. I always write things down but they tend to just be in a note book or just some random piece of paper. I think this will help me be more organised and have everything in one spot.

That was longer than expected.

Week 9

March 4th, 2019 at 08:25 pm

We had a heatwave so we didn’t get to do much on the weekend.

Grocery - $54.91

New Shoes - DH needed new running shoes, so he got one for $80 on sale with the original price of $120.

Toaster Oven – Aldi had them for $35, so we got one.