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November 30th, 2009 at 04:22 am

Just a quick update:

- Still looking at changing bank.
- Also researching for a new online broker, my current one is going out of business.
- Still doing a lot of stuff around the house. It's a never ending renovation.
- Christmas budget is still on track.
- Our 19K challange for the year is right on the wire. Some items are way over the budget. But I think overall we will just get there.

Things to do this weekend:
1. Finalise Nov numbers (DONE)
2. Open new bank account.
3. Clean clean clean the house.

Looking at changing bank

November 19th, 2009 at 12:07 am

I'm so sick of my bank, that I'm looking at changing it. I've been with this bank for half my life but now they are just driving me crazy. The fees even though not that much it adds up. Talking to them doesn't help so I guess the best way to resolve it is to change bank. It is going to be time consuming but I'm just not happy. Enough about that.

To my to do list. It's really hot at the moment so I won't be doing much today. I'm only looking at doing the cooking today.

Not much is happening here at the moment but we've had 4 NSDs in row and I'm hoping that today would make it 5 in a row. It must be the hot weather that we are not spending money Smile

Things that's been done and things to do.

November 15th, 2009 at 11:08 pm

Was busy this weekend going through my budget and been trying to finalise my 2010 budget, still not done but it's getting there.

I also did some wall painting, will need to do some more.

Also I bought some more shares through a 1 on 1 entitlement offer. The money will be taken out from my Sunny day savings (see My Pages).

In the next few days I want to do:

1. more painting (Still going)
2. cooking to put in the freezer (currently cooking away)
3. find recipes to make for christmas (Found some but no final decision yet)
4. vacuuming and polishing the floor (I mopped the floor instead)
5. washing and ironing (Did a load and waiting for it to dry to iron)

Getting back to blogging wagon

November 13th, 2009 at 02:26 am

I'm haven't here as much these days. I need to get back to it. Spending has been crazy lately and will need to pull it back to achieve our goals for this year. Only a month and a half to go and this is not the time to screw it up. I need to get focus again.

Things I need to do this weekend:
1. Update my financial spreadsheets (DONE)
2. Check online banking (DONE)
3. Make shopping list and menu plan (DONE)
4. Go grocery shopping (DONE)
5. Washing & Ironing (Done the washing not the ironing)
6. General cleaning (Did some)


November 3rd, 2009 at 10:39 pm

I finalised my October numbers the other day and have already updated my sidebar. I so busy at the moment to write out a proper blog entry.

These were my October goals:
1. Grocery bill under $200, by sticking to the Menu Plan and by only buying what is in the Grocery List.
==Didn't quiet make it, we only have over $300 in the grocery budget for the rest of the year==

2. Entertainment exp no more than $100
==Failed!! ==

3. Living expenses under $1,100
==Almost but because of execess in #1 & #2 goals, it was a bit over.==

4. Spring Cleaning
==I was happy with my effort but there are a lot more to do around the house, so this going to be an going goal==

5. Blog more often to stay motivated.
==I blogged a lot last month, almost everyday, until I got too busy==

Hopefully I will have more time to blog again next week...bye for now.