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July 16th, 2010 at 03:10 am

Our dishwasher is broken and it is time to get a new one, there is no point in getting it fix. It's about 11 years old and I think there are more efficient ones in the market now a days. I'm not planning to get a new one until the end of the year sale. This way we got few months to really research it. Washing dishes by hand for few months doesn't bother me at all. I'm budgeting around $800 -$1000 (australian) for it, I'm willing to pay a bit for a really good one.

A lot to update

July 14th, 2010 at 08:51 am

Emergency Fund:
I had to get some more money out of out EF. Weíve had a death in the family and we decided to give some money for hospital bills and funeral expenses. Right now our EF is down to ~$5,600. I will not put any money into it until next year.

June Expenses/Budget:
Sorry this is a bit late but as you can tell from above weíve been busy. We went over again! A lot of it was because I bought/prepaid train tickets. Also we have been driving a lot lately, and so our Transport exp was through the roof.

DHís medical bill reimbursement:
DH received a letter from HR yesterday telling him that they will be reimbursing his medical exp earlier this year. It will be deposited into our savings account on the 22nd, it will be over $600. Right now Iím just trying to figure out how to deal with this money in our 19K challenge. I donít want to classify it as an income. I need to put the money back into the personal/medical category of our budget. Right now all I can think of doing is to put it in as a negative amount to nullify the previous expenses. Itís really not a big deal - this is only for our challenge. Iím just glad that we are getting some money back, now we can spend it on things that I actually budget it for, dental and optical expenses.

DHís pay rise and overtime:
Here is Australia, July is the start of new financial year and usually means for DH it a pay rise. Itís not much but itís something. We donít really know yet how much net per month, maybe $100 per month after tax and superannuation is taken out. Right now I would like to put it all into the mortgage.

This monthís DH pay should be a little more than usual, on top of the pay rise and reimbursement he has also done a bit of over-time, maybe few hundred dollars worth. I canít wait til tomorrow for his pay day.

July Budget:
There are a lot of utility bills due this month so Iíve budgeted a bit for it this month.