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February 5th, 2009 at 02:35 pm

We had our 2nd NSD for the month.

Just updating my sidebar. Not much else is happening around here. Mortgage interest payment was a lot lower than I expected. Nice!

Have a great day everyone Smile

6 Feb - 9:30am

Daily Update

February 3rd, 2009 at 05:46 pm

Well DH ended up getting some gas for the car, so it was not a NSD yesterday.

Mortgage payment should come out today, it would be around $950. Hopefully this will get down to around $850 next month (might even be lower b/c of the shorter month - Feb). I can't wait!

We are just waiting to see if the stimulus package will come through. The most I'm excited about it the proposed free insulation, I just hope we can get it since we are planning to get this done this year anyway. Less money for us to spend. I really think these type of scheme is better than just giving people cash. It provides jobs and it's good for the environment. I really think the best solution is to create more jobs, if people have job security then consumer confidence should go up. This should be the best time to up grade our really old infrastructure. Can you believe that there were over 1000 train cancelled during last week's heatwave b/c the tracks and the trains couldn't cope. What about solving our water problem? And other problems that should been solved 10 years ago.

Anyway that's enough about that for now. Have a nice day everyone.

4 Feb - 12:45pm

Daily Update

February 2nd, 2009 at 04:29 pm

We had our first NSD for the month yesterday. I'm hoping for another NSD today but I think DH might get some fuel today. We probably only used half of the tank but he reckons the price will be going up soon so he wants to fill up before then. Good idea I say.

Mortgage and some bills will be due tomorrow. We should be getting another interest cut on our mortgage later today. The Reserve Bank of Australia will most likely cut another 1%. For us that would be another ~$100 p/m saving (depending on how much our bank will actually cut) on our mortgage interest rate. It should take affect next month.

I just got notice for my licence renewal, due late this month. This is one of those bill that I haven't thought about so it is not budgeted for. I can either get a 3yr licence for $34 or 10yr licence for $115.50. This is actually been discounted by 25% because my driving record is clean - cool! I think I will get the 10yr, I won't need to deal with it for another 10 years.

BTW the weather today is so much nicer.

3 Feb - 11:30am