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October 1st, 2012 at 04:52 am

Grocery - $309.70 (over $99.70) *Hmmm Iím not happy with this one.
Utilities - $360.64 (over $210.64) *I forgot the water bill, thought it will be due next month.
Rates - $141.54 (under $3.46)
Home Phone - $14.95 (under $10.05)
Mobile - $10.00 (under $10.00)
Internet - $49.95 (under $0.05)
Fuel & Fare - $193.24 (under $6.76)
Health Insurance -$249.21 (under $0.79)
Entertainment -$120.45 (over $10.45)
Gifts -$55.08 (over $5.08)
Personal/Medical - $186.87 (over $86.87) *we stocked up on some vitamins and meds there was a nice sale. This purchase should last for months, well into next year.
DH Allowance -$100.00 (even)
DW Allowance - $60.00 (even)
Miscellaneous - $32.95 (over $2.95)

TOTAL = $1,884.58 (OVER $384.58)


Also got to put some money into various funds:
Holiday fund - $500
Household fund - $500
Xmas/Anniversary Fund - $652
(Anniversary weekend away - $100)
(Exercise Challenge - $52)
(Xmas Saving to be sent to family - $500)

Had 10 NSD for the month of September, so another $100 in my Sunny Day Saving

Also I will be sending $25 donation to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation for the Steptember challenge.

Bicycle made of paper

September 20th, 2012 at 07:08 am

I want one of this:

Today should make it 3 NSDs in a row.


18 Sept: 10,884 steps
19 Sept: 11,226 steps (DH did the last 500, he decided to put the pedometer on while I was in the shower).

We got laughed at (but itís all good)

September 18th, 2012 at 06:21 am

Last Friday night when we went out for drinks with some of DHís co-workers we got talking about mobile phones. One of them was complaining that her phone is a lot slower now because she has too many apps in it, she have tried to delete some of it but was finding it hard to pick which ones. The talk eventually turned to DHís mobile phone, apparently there has been some friendly banter between them and DH about how old his mobile phone is. They keep asking when he will ever join the 21st century. Then DH would jokingly brag how he only has to plug in his mobile phone once a week whenever someone complain how the battery never last.

Anyway, on Friday I showed everyone my old Nokia 1100 and we all just laughed. DH by the way has the old Nokia 1110. I think we both got them in 2006, so it is now 6 years old. I laugh how it still works even though we have both dropped them many times already. Although in the last few months my alarm clock has not been working but since I donít really need it these days, itís not such a big deal. Maybe one day I will upgrade to one of those newer flip phone Wink.

So far this year weíve only spent $70 on both phones!

17 Sept: 10,065 steps - I did not do too well yesterday, I guess painting doesnít require much walking. I had to do a bit of walking around the couch to get to 10K. Today I made sure to do a bit of jogging on the spot before I started painting again.

"European Labour Only" Wardrobe

September 17th, 2012 at 01:28 pm

Iíve been really busy. Yesterday we went to my mumís place to fix her bathroom door, it wasnít closing properly. Today Iím painting an old wardrobe, I decided to sand it and paint it white. It will go in the guestroom where the other furniture in it is all white. I have not spent money on it so far but I will need to buy a new one handle that is missing an important part. It will probably cost around $6-7, a bit expensive but I have to get the same as the old ones.

Interesting thing I found in one of the drawer of the wardrobe, it has been stamped with some info about where it was made and then it says ďEuropean Labour OnlyĒ. A quick google and I found some interesting thing Iíve never knew about. Apparently, stamped like these were common from 1900 to 50ís (actually it was compulsory by law to state if a furniture was made by Chinese labour). Crazy to think things like that happened in the past.

HmmmÖmaybe I shouldnít have painted it, I didnít realise it could be really old. I assumed it could have been 1980ís, not 1950ís or even earlier. We got it years ago (just after we moved to this house 11 years ago) from a garage sale. We canít remember how much for now, would have been less than $50, we couldnít afford to buy much stuff then. One of the legs had a split and it had one broken handle.

DH will be signing his new contract soon. The company have now sent a purchase order (I know I laughed when I heard this) to his agency. Good news is that his and the others in his team will be signing for 2 years from date of the current one expires (they had previously thought it might be from June 30, end of financial year). Unfortunately, some people in other teams have only got renewed for 3 months and some have been given 2- monthsí notice. So we are very thankful.

16 Sept: 10,393 steps

Goal #1 is DONE!

September 16th, 2012 at 12:51 am

DH got paid on Friday and he put in another $3,000 into the mortgage. So happy because we are not under the $120K mark in our mortgage and that means Goal #1 is DONE! Itís good to get that out of the way, so much earlier than I expected. When I came up with this goal at the start of the year I thought it was going to be really hard to get it knowing that income will be few thousands lower than last year. The interest rate cuts this year helped a bit in achieving this goal easier, unlike last year where interest rate went up few times throughout the year.

Mortgage Current Balance = $119,690.85

I deposited my cheque on Friday as well it probably wonít get through to the account until Tuesday. So I went to the city to do it and had a late lunch with DH (just a quick sushi near his work) and then afterwards just did a bit of window shopping in a hope to get ideas for Christmas gifts and was also looking to get a birthday gift for DH but I could find it. I think can only get it online these days. I did get a free vegetable peeler just for watching this guy in one of the department store demonstrating a set of knives for about 5 mins. I needed to take a break from all the walking that Iíve done by that stage anyway (I did really well this day with my walking challenge). I then meet up with DH and few of his workmate for drinks. We went to a nice German pub for happy hour they had a really nice refreshing beer. And then after that DH and I went to have dumplings for dinner (less than $15 for dinner and a can of coke, great value). I think the whole day only ended of spending about $50, not bad (DH covered the drinks and I picked up the bill for the dumplings). We both got a bit saved up of our allowance at this stage so we donít mind spending a bit of it, although I still want to save up as much of my allowance for when we go on holiday sometime next year.


12 Sept: 10,414 steps (getting to 10K is getting easier now Smile)

13 Sept: 11,251 steps

14 Sept: 18,087 (the window shopping did it, although my legs that night was so sore I had to get a massage)

15 Sept: 10,256 (took it easy yesterday, my legs needed to recover a bit)


September 12th, 2012 at 05:34 am

I just got an email from DH telling me that his contract renewal has been approved, for another 2 years. Thatís a relief to know. Now we can continue with our plans/goals. To celebrate, I am going to put $2,000 into the mortgage right now. DH deposited his cheque on Monday so this is where part of it is going. I will get mine done on Friday, I got a bit busy here at home to go.

Steptember Update

10 Sept: 10,038 steps
11 Sept: 10,272 steps

Steptember challenge update

September 10th, 2012 at 03:20 am

8 Sept:11,075 steps

9 Sept: 12,884 steps

We went for a run yesterday morning so that helped a lot yesterday. Although today my legs are a bit sore so I don't know how well I'm going to do today, I will try to push myself.

By the way, I have been putting $2 into the christmas fund for every 10,000 steps.

Only spending yesterday was for a couple of KFC burgers after our run. I got some craving for burgers afer our run. It will come out of my allowance money since I suggested it ($10.20). Now I kind of regretted that purchase.

Change of plans

September 8th, 2012 at 11:19 am

Late last night my friend contacted me and told me that she was not feeling well so her housewarming get together will have to be cancelled. She was hoping to do it on Sunday instead. Then this morning she text again saying that she was feeling better and that the party was on again today. We decided to have a sleep in this morning so when I got her text at 9:30 this morning we were still in bed. She lives over an hour away no way we could make it for lunch.

After breakfast, as we planned we went to our bank. Well, unfortunately they donít open on Saturday anymore. We went to another branch the same story. So now I will have to go to the city during the week to deposit my cheque, DH can get his one done on Monday there is one just across his office. I will go when the weather gets a bit better. In the last two days weíve had what we call Ďtypicalí Melbourne weather, which is having four seasons in one day. Actually today it was more like four seasons in an hour. The sun would shine and it would be nice and warm but then all of the sudden it would start raining and be icy cold.


7 Sept: 10,032 steps (had to do a bit of pacing up and down to get to 10K lastnight)

Iím already over 10,000 today have been walking a bit. When we went to the second branch we decided to also go to the Asian shop across the road too to get some groceries. Instead of parking close by, where it is crazy especially on Saturdays, we decided to park 2 blocks away and just walk the rest. We also went to Costco this afternoon and did a bit of walking around then too.

Near Costco there is a store called Royal Doulton, they were having a sale up to 80% off. I got this for $2.95, down from $10.

Well since I bought this I guess I don't have enough now...

I'm having tea with it right now Smile

Tax Refund

September 7th, 2012 at 08:24 am

I didnít think it would come for another week or so, definitely wasnít expecting it today. For both of us it added to just over $3,300, then we will be paying the accountant $440. We will have to get to the bank tomorrow morning to deposit the cheques because the bank is only open until 1pm on Saturdays.

Did not have salad last night but had lots of roasted vegetables to go with the roasted chicken. Half way through cooking the roast chicken I had a craving for Japanese food so I made some tempura (using carrots, zucchini and mushrooms). It helped with the craving.
Tonight we will be watching our football team so we will be having meat pie (store bought) and sausage rolls (free from mumís friend). I will make some rocket salad to go with it. I think DH is getting some snacks to have for the game. Itís a big deal game so we are both looking forward to it.

Tomorrow we are going to a friendís housewarming party for lunch. She will be making the mains but have asked us to bring other stuff I elected to bring some SALAD!

Spring Cleaning

September 7th, 2012 at 01:23 am

6 Sept: 10,133 steps

I am making sure not to fail at least in the first week of this challenge. Iím finding that I am getting a lot of spring cleaning done because of this challenge. Yesterday I was moving a lot of stuff around the house. I tidied up and move furniture around in one of the spare bedroom. Iím trying to turn this room into crafts/storage room.

Yesterday was NSD.

We are waiting at the moment for our tax refund it should come this month. Also still waiting for DHís contract renewal, apparently the papers are now with the Ďfinalí guy to look through it. Hopefully they will be finalising it next week. DHís contract ends next week.

Started buying again

September 6th, 2012 at 02:12 am

We havenít bought many stocks this year until now. The stock market here is starting to look a bit better again. DH had bought some the other day in his superannuation (retirement fund) and we have also agreed to put in some buy orders in our margin loan account. We are looking at buying up to $20,000 worth but we will probably only get $10,000 this time around. Iím hoping this trend will continue and if does we will probably get some more again at the end of the year.

Steptember Challenge:

I just made it to 10K yesterday.

5 Sept: 10,051 steps

It was a bit of a struggle. I had to keep reminding myself to get up and move around. I had no idea how long it take to do 10,000 steps. Iíve realise now that on normal days I probably only do 5000-6000 steps in one day and on lazy days probably only get up to 4000 steps. It will need a bit of effort to get to 10K. Last night we went to Aldi, normally I would just get DH to stop by after work but last night I got him to pick me up at home first so I could come and walk around the shopping centre.

Salad lastnight was just simple baby rockets (i like the peppery taste of it), mushrooms, tomatoes (got some lastnight)and olives with just balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing. Still loving salads right now.

September 2012 Mortgage Payment

September 5th, 2012 at 12:08 am

Regular monthly mortgage payment:
Paid = $1218.00
Interest =$653.60
Principal = $564.40
Current Balance = $124,690.85 (Yes we are now below $125K)


I did pretty well yesterday with my 10,000 steps challenge (Steptember).
4 Sept: 11,257 steps
I did a bit of walking around the city yesterday so it was not hard to get to 10K. However, I think it will be hard to do when Iím just at home I have to make sure I keep moving around. I woke up an hour earlier today, so hopefully that will help a bit.


Lastnight I made couscous and chickpea salad. I put in some kalamata olives, mint, parsley and lemon juice. It went well with the beef casserole. DH is not big on couscous but he still eat it. We have a lot of mint, parsley and coriander in the garden at the moment, so I've been putting those in everything at the moment.

Forgot to budget

September 4th, 2012 at 07:14 am

When I was doing our September budget the other day I had a feeling that I was forgetting something. When I got home from lunch today there it was in the mail this quarterís water bill, I totally forgot to put it in the budget this month. OopsÖ it is due September 21. Itís a big one too. Normally, our water bill is around $150-$160 per quarter but this one includes an annual waterways & drainage charge and annual parks charge worth about $87 (total bill $240.10). I think I might have miscounted the months and thought that itís due next month. Oh well, over the budget already and it is only the start of the month.

Lunch was great. We had dumplings and honey chicken with rice. Then afterwards we went to a Japanese bakery for some sweet goodies and got a cup of coffee to share. All up it cost just over $25. DH was feeling rich and offered to take this out of his allowance money. He is feeling rich today because he won $51 yesterday. He got the jackpot in the footy tipping at work, it could have been more but he had to share it with another person. They both picked all the winning teams on the weekend (9/9), lucky too because that was the last week for the season. He paid $20 at the start of the season, so actual winning is really only $31.

Lunch Date

September 4th, 2012 at 12:48 am

I'm about to go out to meet up with DH for lunch. 2 weeks ago he asked me to go out for lunch in the city but I did not want to go out because it was soo cold. It's amazing how quickly the weather can change. Today it will get to 22 degrees Celcius, so it will be a beautiful day.

I've got my pedometer on already and will be doing a lot of walking around in the city. I hoping I can get to 10,000 steps today.

I've been having a lot of salad lately and been trying new ones. Last night I made Thai green mango salad, it was really nice. According to DH "it's a keeper", which means he'd like to have it again in the future. I put shredded carrot, cashews, string beans, mint and coriander. I was suppose to put tomatoes in it but we didn't have any. For the sauce I put chilli, fish sauce, lemon juice and palm sugar. I used the mortar and pestle to crush and mix the sauce together.


September 3rd, 2012 at 05:34 am

I wish I found out about this a couple of weeks ago.

Itís too late now to organise a group together. It needs a group of 4 people to register for $25 each (donated to Cerebral Palsy). It starts tomorrow so Iím a bit late but Iím thinking of still doing it by myself and in the end of the month I will donate $25 to the cerebral palsy alliance. Iím going to aim to do 10,000 steps per day. All I need is a pedometer which I already got and I think I can use the Wii Fit to make it a bit more interesting. I guess Iím all set for tomorrow, I just have to remember to wear the pedometer.

September is here and spring has sprung!

September 3rd, 2012 at 03:26 am

We had amazing spring weather this weekend. It was a beaut!

On Saturday we had BBQ at my mumís place. I made potato salad and bought a bag of charcoal.

On the way there we filled up the car, lucky too. As DH was filling up they were in the process of changing the petrol price from 135.9 cents per litre to 155.9 cents per litre. 20 cents increase in price Ė YIKES!

Went to Aldi and bought some tomato seedlings and some seeds (cucumber, spring onions, radish, beans and basils). Aldi had great sales on them.

On Sunday DH mowed while I planted some tomato seedlings and basil seeds. Then we trimmed a palm tree and did some weeding at the front of the house.

Afterwards we went to the hardware store to get some materials for more works we need to do around the house. Now that the weather is warming up, itís time to do more repairs around the house.

I love this time of the year, not too hot or too cold, just perfect Smile

September 2012 Spending Plan

September 2nd, 2012 at 04:54 am

Grocery - $210
Utilities - $150
Rates - $145.00 *
Home Phone - $25.00
Mobile - $20.00
Internet - $50.00
Fuel & Fare - $200.00
Health Insurance -$250.00
Entertainment -$110.00
Gifts -$50.00
Personal/Medical - $100.00
DH Allowance -$100.00
DW Allowance - $60.00
Miscellaneous - $30.00

TOTAL = $1,500.00

*Property Rate bill just came last week. We normally pay this quarterly (and this bill should have been due 1st of Oct) but now they have allowed a monthly direct debit payment for 10 months starting from Sept to Jun. So the yearly amount will be divided by ten, I know confusing. DH is currently filling out the form for the monthly direct debit payment this weekend.