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Last week of June & New found energy for financial clean up

July 1st, 2008 at 04:40 am

Well today I got up early and straight away clean the bedroom and put a load of washing in the washing machine, before I had my breakfast.

Yesterday was our end of financial year, so today I wanted to tidy up our finances. I called to get an online account for my managed fund, that took 5mins of waiting. I should get my access info in few days time. Also called my Super (retirement) fund to get access to my online account. I got log out because I forgot my password. That took about another 10mins of waiting. My account went down a bit. Can't wait for this market to turn around.

I'm in the process of calculationg our net worth for the end of the quarter. Had to get the end of yesterday's prices for our shares. I doesn't look good. So far it is not looking good at all. It is not finalise yet, I got to wait for my managed fund and also DH's retirement account. I have to wait for him to check it out.

Even though the numbers are not looking very good, I'm very satisfied at the work I've done today. I really got to keep on top of all these financial accounts we got. Calculating our Net worth every quarter sure keeps me motivated to check our accounts. I just got to get DH to keep up with his accounts too.

On another topic, last week's expenses was not too bad. We had 3 NSD which made it 11 NSD for the month (that's $55.00 towards the Laptop Fund - see My Pages).
The biggest expense was for textbooks, $200 worth. Home phone was also paid and I got train ticket.

I will put up my $20K Challenge later today.

This Week's update - 3rd of June

June 22nd, 2008 at 08:57 am

Well it's Sunday 7pm here, so it is very safe to say that today is a NSD, This add up to 3 NSD for the week. Yesterday was a very spendy day. First we went out for a birthday lunch and then we went shopping for some items for the house that has been in our to do lists/ to get lists for a long time now. We were not as busy this weekend so we actually got some house work/repair done. We also got two pairs of work shoes for DH, he definitely needs new ones now. We decided to get two because they were really cheap. The store that we got them for was having a massive sales. The last thing we got yesterday was some groceries. We got some eggs, milk bread, vegies and oranges. All up it costs $9.75. Other expenses that we spend this week was for insurance, fuel, and $100 to my managed funds.

2 NSDs and Today's Spending

June 20th, 2008 at 11:35 am

Yesterday was a no spender, which made a 2 NSD in a row. We don't get much of those these days. So that was a good feeling. Today was a different story though. Went to Borders and got the Smurf Box Set for a gift. It was on special, a saving of $11. I also bought a book for myself, it was half price. I just realised it's the first book I bought for more than 1 year, maybe even 2 years. I really can't remember when the last time a book for myself. I used to always buy books to keep. This one is one of those authors that I collect. We also ended up eating out for dinner. That was $16 that we didn't need to spend. It was DH's shout, so it is coming out of his allowance money.

Interesting News: Just heard from the news today that Costco is opening a mega store here in Melbourne Australia. I'm not sure whether this is good news or bad news yet. I guess good that it will increase competition and eventually drive prices down. Something that we do need here is more competition. We don't have store like Costco at the moment so it would be very interesting to see how it affect the market.

Yet another update...

June 19th, 2008 at 07:25 am

We had a NSD yesterday, and today should also be a NSD (fingers crossed DH doesn't spend any money today). He shouldn't need to fill up the car, he did that the other day. There is no bill due until next week. But we have a birthday lunch to go to on Sat, so I will have to get a gift and lunch will cost a bit. We also need to get some more milk and maybe some bread.

I'm looking at getting some shares next week or so. I took some money from saving to put into my trading account. Some of it is the money from the car fund. Since we are not looking at getting another car for at least another 5 years, I rather use some of the money to get some shares. I put $5,000 in the account; $1,700 is from the car fund. I left $300 in the fund for the upcoming car service cost. I guess I will find out in the future whether this was a good idea or not. I don't think I will loss all $1,700, if for some reason it is not going the right way then I can always pull it out. Also I should also be able to getting some dividends.

Enrolment was done the other day. Payment is not due until late next month so we should have enough money for it if I put extra money in it this month and next month. Will be doing 2 subjects and it will cost over $2,000.
Have a great day everyone!

2nd week of June - Last week

June 17th, 2008 at 02:40 am

Last week was really busy again. The other night I finally got some down time and was able to try to check my blog, but for some reason I couldn't log on.

We managed to have 3 NSDs last week, I guess being busy can help cut on spending. We mainly spent money on Fuel, a month worth of Bus pass for me, Internet, my Health Insurance, some Clothing for DH and we also went out for dinner. We also spent money on Groceries, I stopped by at Aldi for milk but decided to stock up instead for the rest of the month. There is 0.65 cents left in the grocery budget, and probably still need to get some more milk for next week. Prices have definitely gone up here, even at Aldi's. The tuna that we used to get for 75 cents are now 89 cents. The can of whole tomatoes used to be 45cents have now gone up, lucky the can of diced tomatoes are still 45cents but I think they will go up soon too. So I stock up on those.

Did a lot of cleaning in the garden on the weekend. I pulled out the pumpkin, and while I was trying to pull it out I found 1 massive pumpkin hiding in the bush. It was a great suprise and already made some pumpkin soup and freshly made pasta with pumpkin. Still have plenty left over. My snowpeas are growing nicely and should be able to start harvesting in the next couple of weeks. The broccoli is starting to have flowerette (is that what's called?).

Anyway that was my week.


June 11th, 2008 at 10:21 am

Yesterday's NSD did not eventuate due to DH getting fuel for the car. He decided to fill up yesterday because a lot of the service station already started putting the prices up so he took advantage of getting it before it goes up again.

First week of June

June 10th, 2008 at 04:41 am

Last week we had 1 NSD (yesterday was also a NSD and hoping today will be a NSD as well). As per usual we paid the mortgage on the beginning of the month. The 2nd quarter property rate/tax was also due last week. Also did a big grocery shopping last week,spent more than 2/3 of the month's grocery budget. So not much money left for the rest of the month but we did get a lot of items that should last until next week.

Other payments made was for CC repayments and water bill.

We got couple of major expenses coming up this month. The most costly will be the tuition and textbooks. We have enough put away for 1 subject but if I decide to do two subject(not sure yet), then we have to fund this first this month and might cut down on funding the household and holiday fund this month.

Another potential expense this month is to get the car service, it's couple months over due.

We are also looking at doing some house repairs, but this is most likely be done next month just don't have time for it this month.

Hoping for a NSD

June 9th, 2008 at 01:36 am

I'm hoping that today will be a NSD. It's public holiday today so no work for both DH and myself, it's our Queens Birthday. We are not planning to go any where so it would also be No Gas Day.
I'm just planning to do some cleaning and cooking.

May 20K Challenge

June 5th, 2008 at 08:39 am

Just a quick update of my 20K Challenge. Been so busy lately just don't have much time to blog. But I should at least update my challenge. Overall, May was a very good month, although we went over our entertainment budget by quite a bit.


TIME v $

I will also be updating my Funds Snowball, just check it out under My Pages.