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December 12th, 2018 at 05:05 am

I’m currently fixated with gardening, in particular trying to grow carrots. I’ve been spending too much time watching gardening videos on Youtube.

We are still doing the cementing thing in one of the garden bed, when it is done I will post a photo. We are trying to do one bag a day but sometimes when the weather is either too hot or raining we can’t. I tried to do it by myself but it was hard to try and get it done before the mix gets dry. We are so much in a hurry now that the rocks are back on its place. For few days we had to roll them off to the lawn area and that made the lawn yellow. They are still a bit yellow now but I’m hoping with some rain coming our way in the next few days it will be green again.

Grocery - We went to another market this one was the best so far. Overall, grocery spending for the week was $74.85.

Lunch out – We had lunch out to get together with friends to celebrate Christmas ($44.50).

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  1. Homebody Says:

    Carrots are so cheap we didn't grow any. We of course are in winter and our strawberries are taking over the entire raised bed we planted them in. We have been working at cleaning out our greenhouse (we live in zone 9 on the Northern California Coast (5 hours North of the Bay Area). We have a bucket of tomatoes I am going to roast tomorrow. We have cleaned out about half the tomato plants. We need to clean the fiberglass walls and augment the soil to get ready for next season which starts in March or so. We do have brussel sprouts to pick! I love gardening, flowers and food!

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