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Busy Weekend

May 31st, 2010 at 10:16 am

Saturday morning, DH and I went to my bank to deposit couple of check both were stock dividends. The line was as always in that bank. After we went to another bank to open a new joint account, finally there is a bank is Australia that offer no monthly fees for a classic saving account. Never in my life have I encounter one. The process of opening one didnít take that long at all, but the waiting to see the lady took over half an hour. The guy before us took FOREVER! He wonít stop talking to her about goodness what, and she obviously didnít want to be rude to him. Hopefully, by July I wonít have to pay anymore bank fee.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Aldi to get milk, eggs and bread then we went to another shop to get fruits and vegetables. We got something for DHís new hobby, it cost couple hundred dollars and it will be his early b-day, xmas gift, etc for this year. We also went window shopping...

Sunday, we decided to get a new TV, I know crazy right? I donít think Iíve ever mentioned here that we been wanting to get a decent tv for more than 5 years now. The last tv set we got was worth $150, it was a no name brand, 20inch CRT tv (no fancy thing like widescreen or digital). Because it's not widescreen we cannot see some of the stuff that's on tv. Also in Australia everything is going to be in digital soon, so the old tv will not work unless you have set top box to convert it. And the one we got before that was a 2nd hand one worth $100, I think it was probably made in the 80ís. So, in the last 5years or so weíve thought about getting a good 21st century TV. We both didnít like the LCDs and Plasma because of how much electricity it uses. Few years ago I read about LED which is more energy efficient. So we waited and waited and waited because we also were not going to buy it until the price is right for us. Well, anyway on Sunday I guess everything aligned for us. We managed to negotiate the price down by quite a bit and we also got some extra free stuff with it. We are both very happy with our purchase.

Physio and some update

May 28th, 2010 at 03:28 am

DH went to his last physio today, thank goodness coz it cost $55 a pop and that's after our private health insurance pay for some of it. DH is still trying to get reimburse for all this medical expense from work. I have a feeling it will take a while for it to happen and that assume that it will actually get some money back from his work.

Paid some bills yesterday, the big one was for our property rate, it was $297 for the quarter. DH also filled up the car. It this point I pretty much can finalise our May spending, except we might need to buy milk and bread tomorrow. I'm kind of eager to finalise May now but there is actually still 3 days to go.

Family health issues and Fiji Holiday

May 26th, 2010 at 10:00 am

A lot has happened to us this month that I donít even know where to start telling you about it. 3 weeks ago we had to go interstate for an emergency because of DHís grandmother, she was critical in the hospital, luckily she is now recovering. Without hesitation we flew out few hours after hearing the news. We stayed with my in-laws for few days, our accommodation and most of our foods were covered. We still however, spent all up $770+ on airfares, car rental, taxis, and a bit on food. Iíve decided that this money will come out of our Emergency Fund. I will probably repay the EF at the end of the year. I just want to achieve all my financial goals this year first before I do anything else.

2 weeks ago we went to Fiji for our holiday this year... it was fantastic! We stayed for a week, and spent a bit too much. We went over our budget by over $600! Oops! I have decided to take this money from our Sunny day savings. Our Sunny Day saving is for anything that we really feel like spending it on. In the past Iíve mainly used it to buy some shares. This is where my $5 per NSD normally goes into and in the past I used to also put $200 a month into it but I have currently stopped this regular monthly deposit. Despite the overspending we really enjoyed our holiday and wished we stayed longer (I will try to post some photos on the weekend).

It feels like we havenít been home at all this month. Financially, it is going to be a so-so month, there are some big bills due like our quarterly property rates/tax and a lot of medical bills for DHís injury. Also, in the last few days DH and I havenít been feeling too good. I think it is probably from too much travelling and the change in the weather, luckily we havenít really spent any money for it and we are now recovering well.

Hopefully, I will be able to catch up on everyoneís blog in the next few days. I missed you all.

May 2010 Budget

May 3rd, 2010 at 02:06 am

Our May budget, there are too many things going on at the moment so I don't know how we are going to go this month.

Oh I forgot to update my sidebar, I will do it now.

April 2010 Actual

May 1st, 2010 at 10:18 am

April was again a really bad month. It was mainly due to DHís injury. He needed to get an ultrasound (although that was free) and a MRI (that cost about $260), and few doctor visits and several Physio visit (and still going). All up weíve now spent over $500 on it but hopefully DHís work will reimburse for some of them, since he qualifies for workerís compensation. DH didnít really ask for reimbursement but they are actually offering it, which is very nice of them. For now though I am including this expenses in the April actual (and some was also spent in March) until we actually get the reimburse money, just in case. Plus, I donít think DH would worry too much to get back every cent. Hopefully we will get the money back in this monthís pay check and when we do I will just deduct that amount to this monthís total.

I actually achieve most of my goal in April except for some of the non-financial ones.

Financially, I put in:
- $300 was put into the Anniversary/Xmas Fund, so Goal #1 for this year is DONE
- $1100 into the Holiday Fund - $500 came from DH's bonus money and the rest came from saving this month. So now Goal #2 has now been ticked off.
- $1000 to the Car Fund Ė Most of DHís bonus was put in here. This was really unexpected money so we both decided to put most of it here because we will most likely need a new car soon..
- The rest was then added into the Household Fund.

I think I will update my side bar later I got to go.