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Time to Update

March 25th, 2009 at 07:28 am

Wow...I haven't been here for a while. i tried to read up other people's blog but I've missed a lot of entries. Been really busy lately, trying to make the most of the end of summer also been doing a lot of cleaning. I need to start planting for winter crop again, hopefully I will have some time this weekend. DH has planted some snow peas last week but not enough. Hopefully the winter crop will be better than the summer ones, this year's summer vegies didn't do so well with the extreme heat.

I need to update my side bar, desperately. Well before I move on to March goals - lol - I'm a bit late. Okay I think I will just concentrate on April. Basically I achieved all Feb goals except for items 2 &3, they are still continuing.

FEB Goals:
* Declutter Spare Bedroom (Started)
* Put junk into boxes in garage
* Do some painting
* $1K into Saving/Invest
* $900 into H/hold fund
* Grocery budget under $240 ($119.56 left)
* 10 NSD for the month (2)

I'm hoping to achieve the following in April:
* Gardening - plant winter vegies.
* Continue with the saving plan
* Have 7 NSD

Well I better go and update my sidebar.