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"European Labour Only" Wardrobe

September 17th, 2012 at 01:28 pm

Iíve been really busy. Yesterday we went to my mumís place to fix her bathroom door, it wasnít closing properly. Today Iím painting an old wardrobe, I decided to sand it and paint it white. It will go in the guestroom where the other furniture in it is all white. I have not spent money on it so far but I will need to buy a new one handle that is missing an important part. It will probably cost around $6-7, a bit expensive but I have to get the same as the old ones.

Interesting thing I found in one of the drawer of the wardrobe, it has been stamped with some info about where it was made and then it says ďEuropean Labour OnlyĒ. A quick google and I found some interesting thing Iíve never knew about. Apparently, stamped like these were common from 1900 to 50ís (actually it was compulsory by law to state if a furniture was made by Chinese labour). Crazy to think things like that happened in the past.

HmmmÖmaybe I shouldnít have painted it, I didnít realise it could be really old. I assumed it could have been 1980ís, not 1950ís or even earlier. We got it years ago (just after we moved to this house 11 years ago) from a garage sale. We canít remember how much for now, would have been less than $50, we couldnít afford to buy much stuff then. One of the legs had a split and it had one broken handle.

DH will be signing his new contract soon. The company have now sent a purchase order (I know I laughed when I heard this) to his agency. Good news is that his and the others in his team will be signing for 2 years from date of the current one expires (they had previously thought it might be from June 30, end of financial year). Unfortunately, some people in other teams have only got renewed for 3 months and some have been given 2- monthsí notice. So we are very thankful.

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