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Change of plans

September 8th, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Late last night my friend contacted me and told me that she was not feeling well so her housewarming get together will have to be cancelled. She was hoping to do it on Sunday instead. Then this morning she text again saying that she was feeling better and that the party was on again today. We decided to have a sleep in this morning so when I got her text at 9:30 this morning we were still in bed. She lives over an hour away no way we could make it for lunch.

After breakfast, as we planned we went to our bank. Well, unfortunately they don’t open on Saturday anymore. We went to another branch the same story. So now I will have to go to the city during the week to deposit my cheque, DH can get his one done on Monday there is one just across his office. I will go when the weather gets a bit better. In the last two days we’ve had what we call ‘typical’ Melbourne weather, which is having four seasons in one day. Actually today it was more like four seasons in an hour. The sun would shine and it would be nice and warm but then all of the sudden it would start raining and be icy cold.


7 Sept: 10,032 steps (had to do a bit of pacing up and down to get to 10K lastnight)

I’m already over 10,000 today have been walking a bit. When we went to the second branch we decided to also go to the Asian shop across the road too to get some groceries. Instead of parking close by, where it is crazy especially on Saturdays, we decided to park 2 blocks away and just walk the rest. We also went to Costco this afternoon and did a bit of walking around then too.

Near Costco there is a store called Royal Doulton, they were having a sale up to 80% off. I got this for $2.95, down from $10.

Well since I bought this I guess I don't have enough now...

I'm having tea with it right now Smile

5 Responses to “Change of plans”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    Cute mug!

    ...don't you have ATM machines there?

  2. Shiela Says:

    Yeah we do have ATMs.
    I guess you are suggesting to deposit the cheques through the ATM. To be honest I've never done that, I don't know how to (but could probably figure it out) and don't really trust that. There has been a lot of ATM robberies around here that I just don't want to risk it. I would rather wait I guess.

  3. snafu Says:

    The banks now accept deposits from scanner/photo of cheque details, they no longer require the hard copy. Have you or someone you personally know had a problem either withdrawing or depositing money in an ATM? Urban myths seem to be overtaking reality even though there are several full service 'virtual' banks who do not have brick & mortar buildings.

    I suggest taking a photo of the cheque for your personal comfort and trying the ATM deposit system for it's simplicity.

  4. Homebody Says:

    Can your husband deposit your check?

  5. Shiela Says:

    Our accountant actually already photocopied the cheques for us already. I'm not really sure what the rules here in Australia about these kind of stuff. I have no idea. There are not that many 'virtual' banks here. The two branches that we went to didn't have it. I don't really mind going into the bank. I think it's good for keeping people having a job.

    We've actually tried getting DH to deposit my cheque before but they wouldn't accept it eventhough the account is joint one with both our names on it.

    Oh well, I will just see it as another opportunity to have another lunch date with DH. I need to get out of the house once in a while anyway. I will probably go either tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys and I will asked the bank about these options when I go.

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