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Tax Refund

September 7th, 2012 at 01:24 am

I didnít think it would come for another week or so, definitely wasnít expecting it today. For both of us it added to just over $3,300, then we will be paying the accountant $440. We will have to get to the bank tomorrow morning to deposit the cheques because the bank is only open until 1pm on Saturdays.

Did not have salad last night but had lots of roasted vegetables to go with the roasted chicken. Half way through cooking the roast chicken I had a craving for Japanese food so I made some tempura (using carrots, zucchini and mushrooms). It helped with the craving.
Tonight we will be watching our football team so we will be having meat pie (store bought) and sausage rolls (free from mumís friend). I will make some rocket salad to go with it. I think DH is getting some snacks to have for the game. Itís a big deal game so we are both looking forward to it.

Tomorrow we are going to a friendís housewarming party for lunch. She will be making the mains but have asked us to bring other stuff I elected to bring some SALAD!

1 Responses to “Tax Refund”

  1. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    hi im an aussie too. i got my tax done during the week, and it will take at least a couple of weeks to get my refund. expected refund is about $1700, so Ill put $200 of that to my morty, pay my folks I owe them for some work he did her around the house, and keep the rest for expenses.
    Where bouts in Aus are you?

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