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May 27th, 2014 at 01:01 am

On Saturday we got through our first week of our exercise program and Sunday was rest day thank goodness. I was a bit sore but not too bad at all after working out for 6 days in a row. So 1 week down another 11 to go. We are actually enjoying it a lot. My midriff area (which is my main problem) have shrunk already, the love handles have gone down probably about 30%. DH is starting to get a 6-pack. To go with these exercises we are doing we have been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables. I think right now I'm spending extra $10-15 a week on it. The smoothies have been great at eating more vegs and fruits. I'm actually eating 2 breakfasts, and having extra snacks but everything in small portions. I really don't want to loss weight but I need to eat more to have the energy to exercise. So far so good. I'm getting in to a good routine at the moment.

On our rest day DH and I went to the movies. We went and watch X-men. The movie was free, we got a free ticket that we really needed to used because it was expiring next month. And for my birthday last month a friend gave me a gift card to the movies. The gift card still got $60.50 left but it won't expire for another 2 years, I think. DH did get popcorn and coke, he could have used the gift card but we didn't think about it until after he got them, next time. The popcorn is not too bad but coke is a big no no but I only really have them now when we eat out.

The rest of the weekend were as per usual, grocery shopping and doing the washing. We also bought some exercise mats and DH replaced the sliding door lock.

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