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Week Review

February 12th, 2012 at 01:44 am

Spent a bit of money on grocery this week, we went to Costco and spend $44. Our Costco membership is actually expiring the end of this month, I thought it was suppose to end in Dec, anyway we probably won't be renewing the membership for a while. We also went to ALdi and at fruit shop. We only got $37 left in the grocery budget this month, i don't know if we can make it but will try, we shouldn't need to get anymore meat this month. Our Transport budget for the month is extremely low now only got $20 left in it, but we just filled up last night so will try. But I think my budget in this category is a bit low I for got to accout for the 10% increase in DH's train tickets and right now gas has increase a lot, apparently it's due to the cold snap that is happening in Europe.

We aslo went out for dinner last night and got a takeaway fish and chip earlier in the week.

I also spent a bit on personal/beauty products.

Overall we spent just over $255 for the week. Today should be a NSD, we are planning to stay home and watch a cricket game. We should have 3 NSD this week.

Our financial life is so simple these days that there is not much to report about. This morning I just paid the AMEX, I'm pretty sure that was our record low bill, it was for only $69.99. And next month's AMEX bill should also be pretty low. I know so far I've anly spent over $5 for an Amazon kindle book, I'm not sure if DH have used it much this month either.

The other CC bill will be average around $1,000 next month, I know the home insurance that we paid last month will in that bill and that was over $500.

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