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Another Spendy Weekend

November 21st, 2011 at 03:58 am

We spent almost $700 on the weekend - yikes!

Most of the money was spent buying 2 ceiling fans, and a fan for the toilet, light bulbs, and a flood light for the front door. We decided to get everything we need so we will only need to get the electrician once, I'm hoping it will be cheaper this way.

We probably won't be able to get it install until next month. We still need to finish the walls in the toilet. DH actually managed to get some work done on it on the weekend, however, he is complaining that his arm is sore today. Hopefully, nothing major, we've used up all our physio cover this year already so it will be costly. We will try to do a bit at the time so he won't hurt his arm too much.

DH also got a new garden trimmer, our old one doesn't work at all anymore, at least the 20+ old lawn mower still works.

We also got some meat and filled up the car. And we went out for dinner Saturday night, we used another one of our restaurant voucher.

We are now officially over our grocery budget for the year - another yikes!

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