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Looking at changing bank

November 19th, 2009 at 12:07 am

I'm so sick of my bank, that I'm looking at changing it. I've been with this bank for half my life but now they are just driving me crazy. The fees even though not that much it adds up. Talking to them doesn't help so I guess the best way to resolve it is to change bank. It is going to be time consuming but I'm just not happy. Enough about that.

To my to do list. It's really hot at the moment so I won't be doing much today. I'm only looking at doing the cooking today.

Not much is happening here at the moment but we've had 4 NSDs in row and I'm hoping that today would make it 5 in a row. It must be the hot weather that we are not spending money Smile

5 Responses to “Looking at changing bank”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    I was with Commonwealth since I was 4 years old and my Dad opened one of those Dollarmite accounts - a few years ago I had a bit of trouble with them, they froze both mine and DF's accounts over a 'suspicious' transfer DF had made to me (it was $20 and he had transfered plenty before that time!). They were frozen for two weeks and if I didn't have a credit card with Virgin, I doubt we would have survived without borrowing money off someone - I called them numerous times and was so angry at the way they treated me and handled it that I told them I was considering changing banks.
    When it came time to apply for a home loan, I ended up moving all of our banking over to westpac just because they had everything I wanted in a loan, and I had dealt with them through my familys business and found them to be very good.

    can i ask which bank you are thinking of leaving?

  2. shiela Says:

    Which bank? - Commonwealth Bank!
    Their new ad about customer service is a joke!

  3. fern Says:

    The only banks will actually do more for consumers/customers is by being forced to do so by legislation (which will happen furthe rin Feb 2010) or by customers taking their business elsewhere. So yes, I encourage you to find a better bank or even better, a credit union. If you do the research, you'll find that credit unions, on average, offer higher savings rates than banks and lower rates on loans. I suspect they are more fair with fees as well.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    It's really not that time consuming to change banks. (& I agree with Fern. To add - CUs tend to charge less fees. There are certainly terrible CUs out there, so shop around carefully). Good Luck!

  5. Jerry Says:

    If a bank is giving poor service then they do not deserve your business, and I hope it will lead you to find another bank or credit union. We are planning to leave for the bank that is affiliated with our insurance company as soon as we return to the States... Bank of America has crossed us one too many times. Good luck!

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