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New running shoes and some cooking

February 21st, 2017 at 03:26 am

Groceries - We did our usual Saturday morning shopping for food. Spent $82.33, it would have been about $20 less but I found a Porterhouse steaks that was 50% off (normal price was $32 a kilo) and also got some pork chops that were 20% off (can’t remember the original price). Total for the month so far is $269.42 (budget $300), so just over $30 for the rest of the month. It’s tight but I think we can do it. I’ve done a rough meal plan for this week which should help. Also the pantry is still really full we still got a lot of stuff in there to get through. I think we will just need milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables next shopping trip.

Other Spending – I bought myself a new running shoes, it was on sale for $90. I’m overdue for a new one. DH will also need a new one soon too. His is actually worse than mine but we couldn’t find one that he likes at the shop that we went to and we didn’t have time to shop around.

Cooking – I did a bit of cooking on Sunday. I made spring rolls and meatballs to put in the freezer. Also made butter chicken in the slow cooker, which feed us for 4 meals. And I used up some frozen banana that I had to make a banana cake.

Decluttering – I went through our pots and pans and decided to throw out 2 old pans and 1 wok. I’ve also been going through a box full of papers/notes that I wanted to type out or scan, it will take me a while to get through the box but at least it is good to get it started since I’ve wanted to do this for years now.

Passports – We need to re-new our passports, it expired last year. We are thinking of going overseas this winter so we need to get new ones soon. I don’t know how much they are now these days it has been ten years since we got the last one.

2 Responses to “New running shoes and some cooking”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Wow you've been productive!

  2. snafu Says:

    Different country, different rules so I mention, if you still have your old, expired passports, check on line to determine if you get a discount on new passport application when you turn in your old passports. I went through a container of clippings, recipes, and notes at year's end and realized if I'd not yet tried recipes, it was mainly because ingredients were not what we typically have at hand. Checked one piece of information and realized I could find the details on-line faster than track down a file . One clipping was so out of date, the writer retired and the individual has passed away. At that point I dumped the entire container in the recycle bin. I'm really strict with what needs to be retained and what can go in this age of information..

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