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Final interest payment

February 7th, 2017 at 12:34 am

Garden – I planted a bird-eye chilli last summer. Got a couple handfuls of chillies last summer, it wasn’t looking good during winter and I thought it was going to die. I trimmed it and hoped for the best and it is doing well again. So far it has produces more than double that we got last summer.

Decluttering – I emptied DH’s clothes drawers. I put all the clothes that I thought don’t belong in the drawers anymore in a laundry basket and then DH went through each one, some he tried on to see if still fits. Most of it got thrown away, about 5 went back into drawers and a few he wanted to keep (souvenirs items) that we put into a plastic container to store away.

Weekend – We did the grocery shopping Saturday morning and spent $75.33, right on our weekly budget. Saturday night we went out for dinner to celebrate paying off the mortgage. We went to a Croatian restaurant it was very yummy but pricey. It cost $106 for 4 entrée size dishes (we wanted to try variety of dishes) and a glass of wine for me and Croatian beer for DH. We used a $50 gift card and I received last year for my birthday (expiring in couple of months so it was good time to use it), so was out of pocket for $56, still a tad costly. Lately I’ve been rather anti going out to restaurants, I mean I still like eating out but I don’t like spending all that money and then sometimes you go out you get disappointed with either the meal or the service and end up feeling that it was such a waste of money. A $100 is more than a week worth of food for us or for that amount of money we could invite a bunch of friends and have a pretty good dinner party. We also spent $6 for 2 hour parking, we should have really parked further for free but they are hard to find. We spent most of our Sunday building a vegetable garden using old bricks from the old brick fence that we used to have. That brick fence collapsed last year when we had a really strong wind, it was already in bad shape to start with.

Mortgage – Our very last interest payment was $14.62. They actually now owe us some money, just under $300 because they just took out the usual monthly payment. I’m sure it will get all sorted out soon. And depending on how much the closing cost is we might still owe them some.

2 Responses to “Final interest payment”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    First of all, congratulations on being now officially mortgage-free! It's so funny with eating out when you put it into perspective, isn't it? I feel the same sometimes when I order a drink of wine which is usually $7-$8 per glass and I would normally receive a whole bottle of wine for that price! And when you think the price of a dinner equates to about the same as an entire week's groceries it's an eye-opener. Last Saturday night I got the nicest meal I've had in a while - Nasi Goreng for $6, and then spent $5 on Magnum ice creams which was all great and low-price (I wasn't celebrating anything wonderful like paying off a mortgage!). Eating out is fun now and then but I don't know how people do it all the time.

  2. Shiela Says:

    Thanks VS. Nasi Goreng for $6 is really good. I think we here in Australia pay a lot for restaurant food. Last time we were in Asia we spend less than $100 (Aussie dollar) in a fancy restaurant to feed 12 people. It's amazing the difference. Although I like that servers here don't have to just relay on tips to earn a living.

    The wine that I got was $10 for the glass, I think it was one of the cheapest in the menu. Could have just gone to Dan Murphy's and got my favourite bottle of wine for around $16. Restaurants sure makes a massive mark-up on drinks.

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