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Change of Plan - DH just quit his job

April 30th, 2015 at 05:53 am

ARggh I lost my post earlier today Frown I pressed Save as Draft and it disappeared.

DH just gave his 4 weeks notice, after May he will not be working anymore. DH just had enough and I don't blame him and I fully support his decision. I'm actually surprise it took him this long. He almost quit back in Dec and again in Jan.

2 years ago there were new bunch of upper management that got hired and I guess they were told to get rid of people. 2 years ago their team used to have 12 people in it and now there are only 3 left and 1 of them has been taken to do something else (he is complaining about it but there is not much he can do). Being the team leader a lot of the stuff falls on DH. 2 years ago they used to have a Business Analyst, a couple of Data Managers, few testers and few developers (including DH). They used to have a boss that looked after them but he left in October and still haven't been replaced, he didn't get along with his new boss DB (which now DH has to deal with, he is horrible to say the least). The BA and data managers and some of the developers and testers had been let go over a year ago. The 2 testers that were left quit this year (actually 1 got another job and the other decided to retired early instead).

The other developer has already told DH that she will not renew her employment if they get extended after June. That's if they actually get extended, they say they will but 2 months to go and there hasn't been any actions to show it yet. DH had been lied to few times now and he just can't trust them. DH had to step up a lot especially since his old boss left but they wouldn't acknowledge it.

Couple months ago they finally got approval to hire DH old boss position, the one that left in October. DH wasn't really interested in applying for it but at the same time thought may as well since he has been doing this job for months now and also the lady that said she will be living in June said that she would stay if DH gets the job. But ultimately DH just want them to hire someone so he can just concentrate in doing his role that he was hired to do. Anyway, he got interviewed for it and at the end DB said that this the last interview and that he will find out in the next 48 hours. 2 weeks later still nothing and in the meantime DH found out that they actually interviewed 2 more people after that. So on Friday DH asked him if he could talk to him but he said he is busy and would like to discuss it later on that day he will call DH then. Anyway 4:45 that afternoon DH still haven't heard from him. He tends to do this he just ignored things that he doesn't want to deal with, like not answer emails for weeks. DH contacted him to ask if he could talk to him, he said can we do it on Monday but DH really wanted to deal with it then he didn't want another weekend to pass. Lucky he did because DB was actually away on Monday and Tuesday. DH thinks he likes to delay stuff in a hope that people will just forget about it he has done it few times before to DH. In Dec last year DH emailed him something and he didn't respond to it a month later and actually told DH off for not ringing him about it instead. WTF. Apparently, a lot have got caught out with it were they email him stuff that he wanted but never get a respond and down the line they get told off for not ringing him about it. Things that are important to him cannot just be emailed to him they must contact him via phone but the problem is people don't always know what he consider important. He is in a major power trip. Anyway, he told DH that he didn't get the job which is fair enough apparently other applicants had a lot more managerial experience. DH understands and wanted to know when the new person will be starting? Well apparently he will not be hiring anyone he wants to post the job again through a job agency this time. Another WTF. That means it would take at least another 2 months in the meantime DH still has to deal with everything. No thank you! He has been so stress out about work lately and hasn't been sleeping well from constantly thinking about work, he just can't deal with it anymore. So we decided that he should just resign now even without another job to go to. He can have a rest while looking for another job. A quick calculation we should have enough cash in hand to last for the rest of the year. I will look into it more this weekend.

Our goals will have to change this year but hopefully only for short time.

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Wow big things have been happening! It sounds like DH has been put in a bad position for too long, and sometimes there's a limit to how much you can put up with. Glad to hear that financial you can afford this, that's one less headache. Best of luck with the JobSearch for DH, hopefully he can move onto a better position Smile

  2. Shiela Says:

    Thanks VS. The only thing that kept him there for so long is because it pays good money but really he hasn't had a pay rise for 4 years and actually kind of got lower pay since last year depending on how you calculate it, basically he get paid for holidays now but lower rate, DH would have preferred the old pay system (under contract). But in the end I think his health is more important I don't like seeing him so stress out about it and some nights he doesn't get much sleep he is just constantly thinking about how much stuff he needs to do at work.

  3. Carol Says:

    Good luck!

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Oh my goodness! I don't blame him at all! Time for him to move on. I'm sure whatever is around the bend will be much better. Wonderful that you have funds to see you through.

  5. snafu Says:

    I don't know the rules and regulations for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Australia but hope DH checked his eligibility if he has had premiums deducted or UI was part of his benefit package. Whether he believes he is eligible or not, it is in his interest to apply on-line if possible, print-out forms and submit by snail mail as 'Constructive Dismissal,' immediately after his last day on the job. The term means that the working environment was so negative and [often] immediate supervisor was so disagreeable, remaining in the position was untenable. It was also affecting DH's health. Perhaps there is a medical visit to confirm that DH had sleep issues or whatever.

    Dh needs to work out any benefits remaining, holiday pay, medical/dental contributions etc.

  6. Shiela Says:

    Hi snafu,
    We are not sure how unemployment benefit works really, he might have to go to a place called Centrelink here. The last time he was unemployed he wasn't really eligible and that was 10 years ago when we didn't have much assets and have a lot more debt. DH hated going through it that he gave up and we never received any unemployment benefit for a year and a half that he was unemployed. He probably could have argued more about his situation but he just didn't want to deal with it at all at that time. So we lived on our savings (he got a sizable payout at that time), also from my small income from my casual work and we got help from DH's parents.

    Yeah he should have about 2 weeks worth of holiday which he will get paid for. We don't do medical/dental contributions here.

  7. snafu Says:

    If DH has been paying premiums or having sums deducted for UI benefits his attitude is unreasonable. If he was rear ended in a car crash would he decline to claim insurance benefits? If a storm blew shingles off the roof, he would likely let it go and ask parents to pay if I follow your response correctly. I don't deny filing a claim is a hassle for any of the various types of insurance. Sorry, I don't swish to come across as snarky but if you're paying insurance premiums, it's your responsibility to learn what you are paying for. What are the rules for entitlement? What can knock you out of benefits?

    There are eligibility rules for all the types of insurance. If you leave the keys in the ignition, the car running and the doors unlocked your stolen car claim will not be honored for example. The government keeps statistics on claims by each business and their contribution to premiums is affected by the number of staff claims.

  8. snafu Says:

    PS. sorry, I forgot to add...UI benefits are not paid based on need or length of time without work. There are a lot or rules and for the most part are not paid to people who 'voluntarily relinquish employment' like they'd rather not work and just collect benefits. DH would need to explain reasons which are often termed 'Constructive Dismissal' since the supervisor did not take 'You're Fired' action but made the work environment so unpleasant, DH had no alternative but to give notice. It was affecting his home life, sleep,health yadda yadda.

  9. Shiela Says:

    I guess our system here is vastly different to that in the US because we don't have UI benefits here, not through work anyway. You can get it privately but the premiums are crazy and we have looked into it in the past it is not worth getting it for us. And because DH has been working as a contractor and in the last year under fixed term employment it makes it even more complicated to get unemployment insurance. Sorry I'm not explaining this very well, it's complicated and I don't fully understand all this stuff. We do have insurance through our Superannuation (Retirement) Fund but that is for disability or death.

    They look at your assets (not including your home) in calculating your illegibility for unemployment benefits. We will definitely be looking at getting it when the time comes but I highly doubt we will be able to get it at this time. I guess thing was set up for people that really needs it.

  10. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    We'll likely be doing the same soon. Good luck. Sometimes it's time to move on.

  11. creditcardfree Says:

    It sounds like it was right to move on. With your cash cushion it makes the decision that much better!

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