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No news yet & making some pasta

June 11th, 2014 at 01:51 pm

DH was meant to talk to his boss about his employment early in the morning today but his boss was given the run around by his boss and was not given the go ahead until late in the afternoon. Apparently, DH's boss was told that he has to talk to everyone's agencies (probably 3 or 4 of them) first before he can talk to the employees about what's going to happen. This thing is a mess and it doesn't help that the upper management doesn't seem to give a damn about the employees. There are apparently 2 tester that have been told that they will only be needed for only 2 months. The 2 months is so they can hand it over and trained up the new people that will only be paid $60K a year. They want to do things cheap and expect everyone to just agree with it. It will be interesting to see if those 2 tester will actually stay, very doubtful there will be any extra pay to make them to stay for it. Anyway, hopefully DH will finally find out tomorrow.

Today I made this for lunch.

This was my first time making carbonara sauce without cream. I topped it with parsley and chives from the garden.

4 Responses to “No news yet & making some pasta”

  1. Shiela Says:

    Hey the photos worked! Yeah!

  2. snafu Says:

    I'm late to the facts but understand there is upheaval in the OZ economy. It sounds ike the that company specifically and that market segment generally in trouble and changes are being made to stay afloat. We roller coaster through that continually as our economy depends on selling raw natural resources to other countries and their economy.

    It's terrific that you've organized finances to be able to handle whatever other people decide. Good on you!

    Is on-line LinkedIn available there? Does DH sign on with recruiters who are paid by employers? Have his group set-up or use a 'network' so stay up-to-date with employment opportunities in your community? 7 AM breakfast meetings are popular here, charge a couple of bucks for coffee & breakfast muffins, breakfast [healthy] cookies to meet others in the industry to listen/see a presentation on a topic of interest like resume writing, interview skills, search techniques etc. by recruiters, UI specialists etc. They are often hosted by MLA, MPs or even the mayor's office to eliminate the cost of venue. The largest programs here have been organized by service organizations like Lions, Kiwanis, Kinsmen etc. an attempt tp be helpful

  3. Carol Says:

    That pasta looks great! Good luck to hubby and to you!

  4. Shiela Says:

    Our economy here is not too bad, it has slow down a bit. The mining industry have slowed down but I think other sector have picked up a bit too since the GFC. Unemployment rate has actually decrease is the last few quarters. I think the upheaval that is going on in the media is what the current government proposing to do. They basically want the current debt to be gone. The previous government went crazy with borrowing and spending that we are now in debt and it's continuing by billions. The main reason that Aus got out of the GFC pretty much unscathed is because the government before that made sure we were in the surplus. We all know there is only really couple ways to get rid of debt, stop spending and/or increase income (in gov't talk increase tax), this is why some people are not happy. But then again every time the budgets comes out, especially when it is mainly cutting expenses, there are always group of people that will not be happy (in particular the opposition at the time).

    DH actually got couple of phone calls resulting from his job applications on the weekend. One is not quite right, they want someone with .net experience but DH has mainly dealt with Java, but it's not something that he won't be able to understand. The other one is a bit more promising.

    DH is trying to go up the next rang of the ladder so has only been applying for management or at least team leader roles. If things really get crappy then he won't mind applying for just software developer of application support roles.

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