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Jan - Mar 2014 Spending

April 3rd, 2014 at 12:22 am

So every year I set up our spending plan (budget)for our living expenses. Below is this year's spending plan and the 1st quarter's actual spending.

*FUEL and FARE - Fuel in particular LPG (gas) is normally higher here during summer because of high demand for it in Europe's winter and because of the holidays they normally increase the prices too. We also do a bit more driving during summer when the weather is great and tend to hibernate in winter so I'm anticipating this to go down next quarter.

*HEALTH INSURANCE - DH changed our policy last week. Every 1st of April the prices go up but they go up at different rate. Ours was going to go up around 16%! By changing our policy our monthly payment will be going down instead from $273.89 to $224.64 (I think that's around 17%?). DH haven't had time to look at other insurance company yet so maybe this will change again in the future but for now this will do.

*GIFT - Not much celebrating going on during Jan to Mar, there's really only Valentine's day. DH got me more gifts but wouldn't tell me how much it cost, he took it out of his allowance.

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