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Weekend Update

July 8th, 2013 at 07:02 pm

I was meant to post this yesterday. I like to do weekend updates because it is when we tend to spend a bit of money.

Friday just stayed home and watch of football team play (we won, yeah!). DH the cc bills and the electricity and gas bill too. Also DH got data connected to his mobile phone. He got $100 for 10gb that could last for 1 year. He thinks this should be enough for him to use for the whole year. When he is at home he can connect to our wifi, the same at work and even at my mum's place. This is why I thought his phone would cost $250, it includes $100 worth of data. Not bad.

Saturday, we did the usual grocery shopping. We got a lot of stuff from Aldi, spent almost $70. Also went to Coles for about $20 worth of shopping. We got a lot of snacks, which we don't normally get but we had people over that night. We had lunch out sushi and McDonald's (got a craving for McDonald's that I don't normally get), I took out this spending off my allowance money. Afterwards, we went to a hardware store to get some supplies, spent $13.50. On the way home DH fill up the car.

Saturday night, we had couple of friends over to watch a movie (we watch Pitch Perfect). We ordered pizza and ate a lot of junk food. Spent $20 on pizza.

Sunday we went for a run. I almost made it to under 30mins and probably could have if it wasn't for the wind, it was a bit strong. Afterwards we went straight to my mum's place for a bbq. We got change at her place. So, lunch and even dinner was free (we got to take some food home). But I did gave my mum some money to spend for her 60th next month.

All up it was a very expensive weekend but spending was mostly for necessary items except for those snacks.

The study painting is still going. The ceiling is done, which looks so much better. I've now decided to just redo the whole room and we are also thinking of replacing the window in that room. It really needs a new one and it might be best to do it now.

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