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Pizza and another NSD

May 12th, 2012 at 03:20 am

We ended up with a NSD today. We decided to not bother with grocery shopping. We can do it tomorrow on the way home from my mumís place. There is a nice fruit and vegetable shop near her place that we can go to and there is an Aldi store in the same shopping complex. The weather was not great today so we both did not want to go outside.

For dinner tonight we had homemade pizza, we havenít made one for more than a year. DH tried out a new pizza base recipe I think it was the best one we have tried so far. The cheese we got from the market last weekend was really good in it.

We had few tomatoes that needed to be used (actually had to throw one out) so I made it into a sauce. I just put garlic, oregano and anchovy. It turned out really well. DH normally doesnít like anchovies but it pretty much melted in the sauce so he didnít notice.

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