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Jogging, Gardening and Ironing

May 6th, 2012 at 03:31 am

Today was a great day. We slept in. The weather was pretty good so we decided to go for a jog. On the way to jogging we stop by at a store to buy a new iron. Our 15 year old iron (which was handed down to us 11 years ago by MIL) has not been working that well in the last couple of months, so it was time to get a new one. We looked at 2 stores and second one was slightly cheaper and was giving us a further $5 dollars off. We went for another Philips, I was looking at two models one was the cheap one for $50 and the one that we got was for $95 (this was more powerful and had an auto shut off). After we decided to get the more expensive one we found out that there is $20 cash back for this model (but none for the cheaper one). So it will end up being only $75. The sales person was of course trying to sell us the $300-400 once. Those ones claim to cut your ironing in half. Well if it cost 4 times as much I expect it to cut my ironing time to a quarter. I used the iron tonight and it was fantastic, I might actually start to like ironing - Not!

We went jogging for an hour along the river, and afterwards had little picnic. We brought sandwiches with us. We did well considering we went jogging pass one of our favourite caf who make really yummy cakes. For 1 hour of jogging I put in $6 worth in the exercise challenge (xmas fund).

Afterward we came home and planted the kaffir lime, passion fruit and the strawberries that I got yesterday. Im not too sure how the strawberries will go planting it in autumn. I hope it will survive the winter. I planted in a big bag so that I can move it around. It is an experiment; if it works Ill be enjoying some strawberries in spring.

The bag only cost $2 and the seedlings was $2.95 and probably used about $5 worth of soil/manure/sugar cane.

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