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NSD and stock market

April 19th, 2012 at 03:06 am

Yesterday was a NSD, maybe today would be too if DH don't need to fill up the car. I'm pretty sure it is due for a fill up, I don't drive so I never really know when it needs it but it seems like it has been a while since he went to the petrol station. He might also need to top up his train pass.

Just been looking at the stock market last night and there are a couple stocks that I want to get. DH got some cash in his retirement fund to get some or he could get some in his margin loan account. I think his retirement account might be better, he said he got $10K cash just seating in it ready to buy. We won't need to pay interest if we use that instead of the margin loan.

Speaking of the stock market, my trading is doing alright but not as well as I hoped it to be. The market is pretty much just been going side ways. I think since I started trading in Nov 2011 it has only been up 3-4%, but at least my trade has gone up around 10%. It was up around 20% at the start but I have given some of it back a bit lately. I will do a final analysis of my trades once I've closed off 20 trades.

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