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Nice Day

April 16th, 2012 at 07:06 am

We been having a nice autumn weather here for a week now, but I think that might change tonight. I can see dark clouds forming.

I did a bit of gardening this morning. We got a kaffir lime plant few weeks ago and I have been preparing the soil at the spot the I want to plant it at since then. I've been putting kitchen scraps in there and it has now attracted some worms. I'm hoping, if the weather is good, to plant it some time this weekend. I love to use the leaves for a lot of the Thai dishes that we like. My Thai friend got me addicted to it.

Got a couple of bills from the mail today. Home phone for $14.95, due on the 24th. It gets directly debited from our bank account on that day so we dont need to do anything, I just need to post it on my excel spreadsheet. The other is for Mastercard, not due until early next month. I'm happy coz it is almost half to the previous bill that I paid last week. Only $256.45!

I'm planning to make stirfry for dinner tonight and might also make some rice paper rolls.

I need to do the ironing but have been procastinating, I might do it tonight when Revenge is on. I just don't like ironing, it is probably one of those choirs that I would be willing to pay someone to do it, if we had the money. I really don't have much to iron, about half a basket full, I just hate it.

1 Responses to “Nice Day”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    I hate folding laundry. Blah!

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