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Electric Bill

September 19th, 2011 at 03:10 am

We just received this quarter's electric bill and its fantastic! This is what it looked like:

Solar bonus and rebate = $93.63CR (this is the amount the electric company paid us for the energy that we put back into the grid)

Peak usage charge = $53.86
Off-peak usage charge = $37.01
Off-peak Service charge = $15.30
Supply Charge = $66.19
GST = $17.24
Other rebate = $8.04 CR (we get this discount because we have our gas in the same company)


I had a looked at the last 2 years bills and we average at $197 per quarter.

So we've saved over $100 in this quarter and this is in the middle of our winter bill and we have slowly been using more of the electric appliances than the gas ones. DH and I are hoping that the summer bill will be even better.

The last bill was $147, that was when we got the solar panels installed half way through it.

At this stage, we still got about 5 years to break-even.

3 Responses to “Electric Bill ”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Great going my bill is about that amount too!

    I have 6 solar panels 1 KW and solar hot water I don't get that much back as I'm not facing north but east solar panels and west side is solar hot water but every little helps. My goal is the keep it under 10 KW per day for both before I was about 14-16KW per day plus 5kW for hot water. No Gas here.

  2. Single Guy Says:

    That sounds great and I would like to setup solar panels on my house as well. Unfortunately there are too many drawbacks right now (at least in the U.S.). Living alone I use little electricity (highest bill this summer was $75) & the roof faces east / west & setup costs here in USA are high & no gov't rebates (here on the east coast) & I have natural gas heating in the winter. Computing the payback costs based on the given guaranteed lifetime of solar panels, they would never pay back the cost (even with moderate electricity cost increases). Hopefully the costs and solar panel efficiency will improve in the coming years where it will make economic sense. For now other home improvements make more sense.

  3. Shiela Says:

    Hi Kitty, you are doing really well with your energy usage. We also have 6 panels with 1.5 KW, I think that the most minimum you can get here in Victoria. We were lucky to be able to have it north facing. Our neighbour accross the road have to have half of their panels north and the other half west, it looks a bit messy.

    Hi Jerry, yeah it is great, I'm just hoping that we can get to the break-even point sooner.

    That's fantastic about your bills, unfortunately here in Australia everything is much more expensive. The cost of the panels have gone up here now too, now that the gov't have cut down on the rebates back in July. Our panels would now cost $6000 (we paid $2500).

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