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Won some money but it is all gone now.

September 5th, 2011 at 06:49 am

I was totally expecting to spend a bit of money on the weekend. As I mentioned in my last post we had a lot planned for the weekend. One of it was to go for lunch next to the casino for my mum's birthday, it cost $150.80 (80 cents more than I thought it would be haha). We had lots of seafoods, steak, chips etc. Afterwards we went gambling and DH and I won just a bit over $400 together. I decided to take the $150 to pay back for the lunch. We decided to stay and go to Nobu for sushi dinner. The rest of the money I was just going to split with DH to add to our allowances but DH opted to put it towards the camera we just bought on Saturday for $150, which I thought was a better idea. Now we only got $5 left of our winnings!

We decided to get a new camera on Saturday because we wanted to upgrade our small camera before going on our holiday. We found a Lumix for $150 (it had a really good discount). I was going to take this money out of the holiday fund but now I don't have to.

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