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Looking forward to the weekend

September 2nd, 2011 at 07:15 am

Although this weekend will be spendy it should be good.

Tonight I am looking forward to having pizza and beer and just seating in front of the tv watching my favourite Australian football game. We already got a lot of alcohol so will just need the pizza.

Tomorrow night we are going to 50th suprise birthday party. Still need to get the present, will just get $50 gift voucher.

Sunday lunch we are taking my mum for her belated birthday celebration. Eventhough we already went to her place the other night for dinner where she cooked a lot of food, we always like to take her out for her birthday and mother's day. She doesn't go out to fancy places enough so it is always a nice treat for her. DH and I will be paying for it. I'm anticipating it to cost around $150, she invited a couple of her friends and my brother will be there too and will pay for them too. It is a bit pricey but my mum deserve it. She cooks enough for us throughout the year. She loves cooking and sometimes will just come over to drop off some food for us.

I guess our weekend will be a bit busy and pricey.

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