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Buying low I hope

August 17th, 2011 at 05:38 am

Bought some shares, not much, only got less than $600 worth. I'm honest enough to know that I am bottom picking here. It's a geothermal company, it has been as high as $2.20 but it has been recently as low as 15cents. I got 2000 shares at 0.28 as it bouncing back up. I honestly don't know where this stock will go from here but I think the upcoming carbon tax (if it goes ahead or not) will have an impact on it. Either way, I think I like to support this type of company.

Our new air conditioner was installed this morning. I had to pay an extra $150 to have the outdoor unit on a brace up rather than just having it on the ground. It is right by the drive way and it sticks out a bit so just in case, since there is not much room for our big car. Better safe than sorry I guess. Last night DH sent out the form to get a $200 pre-paid visa, it was a deal that came with the Fujitsu brand of air conditioner. I was really happy with the price we got the air conditioner for, with this $200 rebate, it end up less than half price than its normal retail price. Unfortunately, the installation cost end up more than the unit itself. Weird. We could have got a cheaper installer but since the store gurantee this installer for 5years we went with him. He was really good and very helpful. We still need to get the hole from the old unit fix.

2 more days until pay day. I'm counting.

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