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Another unexpected money.

May 25th, 2011 at 11:11 am

I can't believe it but a money that was owing to me for work that I did about 10 months ago finally came. I have given up on actually getting this money that's why it has become now unexpected. Anyway, it was just a bit over $1,060. $1,000 will go to the mortgage. The rest we spent last night for dinner, we went to the casino here and had half a lobster, 1/2kg tiger prawns and pizza, they had a nice deal on seafood at the moment. All up it was only $61.60 including a glass of wine and soft drinks.

I won't bother putting the money into to the mortgage until this weekend. I'm going to wait for DH's pay this Friday. I'm hoping to put a bit this time. We shouldn't need much cash in the next 4 weeks. So far this month we are doing fairly well, we only need to pay our quarterly property rate, that will be $322. And maybe DH will need to fill up the car.

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