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New Year's Eve Update

December 31st, 2010 at 01:35 am

Argh! I lost my post...

I was doing an update on our doings here in the last week. Christmas was low key but good. DH and I spent less than $50 gifts on both of us. Since we been buying things that we wanted in the last few month, we don't really need anything else at the moment.

We got all up $200 cash gift, so on the 27th we spent it all on clothes and gadgets that were half price.

We also bought a new fridge (which arrived after I posted the missing post). This was something that we wanted to get maybe in a year's time. But my mum needs a new fridge, since her one is not working properly any more (everything is turning into ice), we will be giving her our fridge. She actually offer to pay for half the new fridge but we won't do that to her. Our fridge works fine but it is already 10 years old. I don't think it would sell for $650. The only problem we have with this fridge is it is not big enough for us, but it should be perfect for my mum.

This week we got our annual bills for both home and car insurance. They are not due until mid next month. The Car insurance is down $60 but the Home insurance is up $30.

Also just got a notice from our electric supplier that the fees will be going up by around $1.60-$2 p/week, also starting next month. So at least $100 increase for a year. I have a feeling that they will most likely put it up again mid next year.

That's it for now I can't remember what else I wrote.

Have a Happy & Safe New Year everyone!

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