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New Year's Eve Update

December 31st, 2010 at 01:07 am

Since it is our new year's eve here, I thought I should do a last blog for the year. We have been busy this week with various activities. DH and I went to the boxing day ashes (cricket) test (only Australian or British will understand this).

We also did a lot of shopping on the 27th. We got $200 cash gift for xmas so we spent it all on clothes and gadgets. We also found our new fridge, the price was so good that it was time to get it. Fridge is probably the only thing that I would consider getting next year. Now we don't have to deal with it any more. My mum will be getting our old fridge, since her one is dying, her one is not working properly anymore, everything is turning into ice. This was also another reason for us to get the fridge now instead of waiting for another year. She actually offered to pay half of the new fridge ($650) but both DH and I decided that we will not take her money. There is really nothing wrong with our fridge yet (although it is already ten years old) but we have been unhappy with its size for a while now. But it is perfect size for my mum. But it is 10 years old, so it will be unfair for her to be paying $650 for it. It can be part of her xmas gift since we didn't really get her much.

We finally be getting our tax refund for 2008-2009 financial year (I know we are really bad at it). DH's fault, it takes him forever to gather the paper work. But anyway I don't want to get upset about it, he does try but it is one of those things that is the last thing on his mind. Good news is that we should be getting around $2,500 after accountant fees.

I am hoping now that DH will get our 2009-2010 tax done in the next 2 months.

This week we received our annual bills for both the Car insurance and Home insurance. They are not due until mid next month. Car Insurance is down by just over $60, while the Home insurance if up by $30. So we will be better off by $30.

However, we just got another notice from our electric supplier that starting next month fees will be going up around $1.60-$2 p/week. About $100 increase for the year, I do anticipate that they will most likely put it up again half way through the year.

I have been suffering from a sore neck and shoulder in the last two days, so I will be taking it easy tonight. DH and I are just planning to stay home since it is going to be very hot (40deg Celcius). I do plan to make paella for dinner, so that will be our new year's eve celebration tonight. It will be very low key, not even inviting anyone over. We actually been invited to someone's place but I really don't want to be driving in this heat. Plus the new fridge will be delivered today, and I have no clue on when they will actually get here so I can't go anywhere until they get here.

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