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August 5th, 2010 at 08:18 am

I tried to make a dentist appointment for this month but they don't have any available on Saturdays until next month. So we need to wait another month for our dental check up and cleaning.

This dentist is through our private health insurance (NIB), they have a Dental Care Centre in the city. According to their current deal, I should get my dental check up for free but I think DH will have to pay some because he used up a lot of his rebate earlier this year when he got injured.

Also by going by 30th of Sept we can go in the draw to win a trip to New Zealand. That would be a bonus.

I'm just really hoping that this dentist will be better than the last one that I went to last year. He was hopeless, my teeth felt so bad and it really hurt too. I had a filling put in but he didn't smooth it out properly, I could feel it with my tongue for few weeks. I decided to never go back there again. And the reason why I haven't seen a dentist for over a year now. I just hope this dentist will be more professional.

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