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Painting, knitting and trading

June 16th, 2010 at 04:02 am

We got everything done but starting on the painting the ceiling in the study. I'm hoping to get this started this weekend. One thing that I got too busy with was knitting. I decided to take up knitting, I've never done it before but I thought I could use a scarf at the moment. So far I am enjoying it. I bought the needles for $3 and $7 on the wool/material. I'm finding it relaxing to do while watching tv. Hopefully this is a new hobby that I can do that doesn't cost too much money.

Another thing that we did on the weekend was spend money on eating out, there goes the no eating out for the month challenge. Although this was already planned over a month ago.

Yesterday was DH's payday, he got few hundred dollars extra for overtime work. He doesn't normally get overtime so this was nice. It will go towards buying some shares. I did my stock reasearch and have decided that we will get two stocks. One is a mining company and the other is an employment agency company, both are mid-cap shares. So we decided to only buy ~$1000 worth so hopefully we will still have another $1000 to put into the mortgage. So the question about which one to spend the money on, we decided on both instead. With DH's extra pay it makes it easier to go this route.

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