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What to do with excess money this month?

June 10th, 2010 at 03:35 am

At this stage we will probably have about $1,800 - $2000 extra this month. Which we call as money into "savings". Starting this month we were going to put this money into our mortgage as extra payments. However, at the moment the stock market is looking good for an entry. So at this stage, I'm thinking of buying more shares instead of paying the mortgage. DH doesn't mind either way.

I guess it doesn't really matter. Our big 5 year goals at the moment is to hopefully pay off the mortage in the next 5 years or at least have enough cash in the savings to pay it off (this goal is really ambitious but doable we really work hard at it) and to also have $100K worth of stocks not including what's in our retirement/superannuation funds. So, either way we are still working towards our goal.


Right now I got corned beef cooking in the slow cooker. I will roast some vegies later to go with it for dinner. It's over a kilo so we will probably have it for few days. I am looking forward to having it in a sandwich for lunch tomorrow. yumm.

2 Responses to “What to do with excess money this month?”

  1. baselle Says:

    I'm feeling the same way myself. Freaky how I much, much prefer the stock market going down to the stock market going up. Still kicking myself that I didn't enter in any when the dow was at 7000 (March last year).

    Good on ya tomorrow poring over stocks while eating that sandwich for lunch!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    That slow cooker dinner sounded delicious!

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