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Bonus and Update

April 28th, 2010 at 06:00 am

We just found out that DH will be getting a bonus from work sometime this month. It's not much, after super/retirement money and tax gets taken out we are hoping to get around $1,500 net. We will be using some of it as our spending money for our holiday. Oh yeah, we will be going overseas for our holiday this year. Both the airfare and accommodation has been paid for, we just need some spending money. We shouldn't need much, DH and I have been saving some of our spending money for it too. So far I've saved up about $100 and I think DH has been stashing away almost $200. I don't think we really need much, we will just be staying at the resort and our breakfast is already paid for.

The rest of the bonus money will go in the car fund. At this stage we will take $500 out of the bonus money as our spending money but anything left over will be put in my trading account maybe.

I've really got nothing else much to update about, our smart meter is now in action. So far the electricity has gone off twice.

We've had a bit of health issues in the last month or so, it has cost a lot of money, sent a bit going to the doctors, physio, acupuncture, and of course meds. So again we are over our budget this month.

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