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Weekend Update

June 8th, 2009 at 01:09 am

After living it up Friday night and Saturday, Sunday was much more low key. We got up really late (after 10am, we had late night watching cricket). DH made pancakes and cafe latte for breakfast. Afterwards we went grocery shopping, hardly spent any money (just over $20), we didn't need to get any meat only fruits and vegies.

Our afternoon spent cleaning the garden, in particular trimming the trees. Our yearly green pick up is coming up next week. This is the time were you can put out as much green items (branches, grass clippings, big items that can't fit into our normal rubbish bin, etc).

After that we did a lot of cooking. I made roast capsicum and tomato soup, while DH made bread in the breadmaker. I also made chickpeas and vegies curry, while DH cooked some steam rice. I'm trying to make more vegetable dishes this winter.

Soup and Bread

Our night was then spent sipping red wine while watching CSI and tinkering with the computer. DH was looking at margin loans, he is seriously looking at getting it. We've been talking about this for a while now, and now might be the best time when the rate is very low and the prices are low. No final decision is made yet, we will see.

I was paying some bills online and I also did some stock research on my computer, I'm looking to get in but I don't think there will be an entry this week. I also check my current stocks and they are all doing well SO FAR (I try not to count my know).

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  1. whitestripe Says:

    lol - with the queens birthday today DF and I decided to open a bottle of wine last night that was given to us from friends for our housewarming. i am not a big wine drinker so only had two glasses, but it was much nicer than the cleanskins we usually buy Big Grin
    we also had soup and bread! i made a spicy lentil and sweet potato soup, it was sooo yummy, and we had dark rye bread toasted.
    i have made it my goal this winter to have more curries, stews and soups, and to make them as healthy as possible so as to avoid the inevitable winter weight gain. Big Grin tonight we're having potato, leek & rosemary soup

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