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Living it up this weekend...

June 6th, 2009 at 11:58 am

and its great.

Last night (Friday night), DH took me out to a nice Greek restaurant. Their antipasto and dips were so good. DH paid for it out of his own money (the money I gave him as a bonus for hardly spending his allowance last year - can you believe he still hasn't spent much). This was of course already been deducted as an expense last year. The man just doesn't know how to spend his money.

Today we got up late and decided to go for a day trip to the Yarra Valley wineries, it's about an hour away from our place. There are probably about 100 wineries in the area. First winery we went to was Domaine Chandon winery. Their facility is really nice, people can actually see where they make the wines.

Biggest cork I've ever seen.

We had lunch at a nice bakery (it is suppose to be Australia's best bakery - I'm not really sure about this claim, nice but not great). It was however a lot cheaper then having lunch at a winery restaurant. Overall we only spent $20, light lunches at the winery would have costs at least $17.00 per dish.

After lunch we went to another winery called De Bortoli. This one is pretty famous here is Australia, especially for their cheap wines. In this winery, they also had some nice cheeses. We got an $8 worth of cheese platter and crackers, and took it with us when we went wine tasting.

This place almost got distroyed in the recent summer bushfire. This is bad photo but if you look closely, those brown trees in the background actually got burnt in the fire.

Going home we took the back road and in some area one side of the road got burnt and the other side was lush green.

Also when we were driving home we drove through a small place called Kangaroo Grounds, I was jokingly complaining to DH about how it is called Kangaroo grounds and all I see are cows. About 2 mins later while driving through a winding road, we could see 2 kangaroos hopping towards the road. Knowing that they were most likely going to cross the road DH slowed right down. The car coming from the opposite direction from us hardly slowed down at all and almost hit the second kangaroo. We don't think he saw the second one at all, probably just assumed there was only one. Needless to say, we almost had kangaroo steak for dinner (just kidding!).

We had a great day and hardly spent any money. Apart from spending money on lunch and the cheese platter, the only other thing we got was a bottle of wine. We still got about 2 dozens at home so we didn't want to get too many, we are running out of place to put them.

Well that's my weekend so far, Monday is our Queen's birthday it's a long weekend!

3 Responses to “Living it up this weekend...”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Wow, those are some fancy looking wineries! The ones we have near me are really small and I enjoy them. Very cozy. Austrailian wines are very good! Smile

  2. shiela Says:

    These two wineries are one of the big ones, they actually get bus loads of tourist come. But there are also a lot of little boutique wineries around too.

  3. Petunia Says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures! It's a real treat to read them. Sounds like you've had a great weekend!

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