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December 7th, 2008 at 10:51 am

Spent most of my weekend buying christmas presents and I think I'm all done. Just food shopping to go and we don't do most of it until a day before because we tend to get seafood for christmas. That's what people tend to have around here, I mean we still have ham and even occasionally turkey but because it get so hot that slaving in the kitchen with the hot oven on is just not fun. So seafood (in particular prawn/shrimp and lobster) tend to be more the tradition here. You know the "throw a shimp on the barbie" thing. Yeah that's just not a saying for us, Christmas day is normally spent outside BBQing, and it last to the wee hour of night because daylight don't end until about 9-9:30 at night.

I would love to have a white christmas one day.

Got just over $160 left in the Xmas Fund.

4 Responses to “Done!”

  1. Koppur Says:

    I just finished a book where the family lived in Australia and would have X-mas twice a year. Once in December, and once in July. The reason as becasue the mother was originally from England and she wanted the kids to experience a cold snowy X-mas. Smile

  2. shiela Says:

    Yeah we have done the "Christmas in July". Although it is not quite the same but it was still fun.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    A snowy Christmas is great, but I'll take sunny and warm weather any time.

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    I have not started yet.

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