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Another shelf and a very interesting comment

December 3rd, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Managed to clean another shelf on the food pantry. While cleaning I'm also taking note of what we have and what we need. I think we could get by not buying anymore stuff for the pantry until next month. We sure have enough Oats and Muesli, so breakfast is taken care of, except of course for milk. Oil, rice, all kind of flour, sauces, herbs and spices are all well stocked. I just need to get some more salt and nuts.

I don't need to do much grocery shopping except for christmas food shopping this month at all. We will only really need fresh produce and meat. I also think (although I haven't really looked yet) we won't need to buy things for the bathrooms either, we sure have enough toilet paper to last the next 2 months.


A comment on my previous entry(2 entry ago)by Joan of the Arch has really made me think about frugal cooking. I'm not really sure if I am that frugal when it comes to cooking. I do know how to make some really frugal food that is beyond PBJ sandwiches or ramen noddles. And I guess the influences come from my background and other people that have influenced me in my life.

Anyway, tonight we had homemade pasties. The filling I made yesterday. It is really only some ground meat with diced vegies. I made a double batch. I halved the filling and last night I put in a whole can of baked beans as the sauce base and we just had it on rice. And that was what we had for lunch too (it actually taste nicer the next day). So tonight the rest was made into pasties. And while that was cooking in the oven DH also made some potato chips. Oh and he also cooked the leftover puff pastry (the scraps) with some jam. It turned out really nice, kind of like a crispy croissant that already has jam inside.

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