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The Week's Challenge ruined.

November 22nd, 2008 at 02:45 am

Yesterday was the last day for calculation how much our home made meals costs us for a week (as my previous post was all about). Well it was ruined yesterday because DH forgot to bring his lunch yesterday and had to buy subway. The money came out of his allowance (not from the grocery). I also wasn't an angel yesterday. I been getting hives lately so after work DH and I stopped by at the doctors to see whether I should be tested, he doesn't believe it is necessary for me to do since it is mild allergy I just have to take anithestimane when it flares up. Anyway back to the challenge - because we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and spent another half an hour or so at the doctors I thought it was best I buy my dinner and DH can have his lunch that he left in the fridge. So yeah I also spent money on food yesterday, which will also came out of my allowance money.

So this was the rest of the challenge (the first 4 days is on my previous post):

19 Nov – $7.60
Breakfast – Oats & Coffee - $0.60
Lunch – Sandwiches (Tuna with Mayo) and Egg Sandwich - $1.00
Dinner – Chicken and Mushroom with Pasta (& we also open a bottled of red wine) - $3.50 & $6.00

20 Nov – $5.60
Breakfast – Muesli (for DH), Scramble Egg, Mushroom & Tomato with Toast and Coffee – $1.40
Lunch – Leftover Chicken & Mushroom Pasta - $0
Dinner - Fried Rice & Beef with Potato, Carrots and Peas with Soysauce (and leftover wine from yesterday) – $4.20

21 Nov – $15.50 (including takeout)
Breakfast- Oats & Coffee - $0.60
Lunch – DH forgot his lunch and bought Subway $7.90 & I had leftovers from last night - $0
Dinner – DH had his lunch he forgot to bring to work - $0 and I had Chicken Kebab - $7.00

So overall for the week we spent just under $53 (including the $14.90 food that was brought). If we didn't get takeout then it would probably be around $45-$48 for the week, which would have been an average of about $6.50 (rounded up) per day. At this average our main meals cost us about $200p/m. This make sense to me because right now we are averaging less than $250p/m on groceries which includes toilettres, cleaning products for the bathroom and kitchen, snacks such as coffee and tea, etc.. You get the point...

The more we make our meals at home the cheaper it is for us obviously but I never realise how cheap it can be. This sure has given me a lot to think about. Even though the meals that we bought yesterday were cheap meals they were still a lot more expensive compare to if we had just cooked it at home.

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