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A week's challenge

November 18th, 2008 at 07:09 am

Last week I heard someone say that they think that cooking at home is more expensive than getting takeaway (takeout). These people normally get takeaways. And when they cook at home, they thinks its more expensive. They made something at home last week and thought it costs them more (it costs them over $20 for the meal for 2 of them).

Are you serious! Probably because they shop at the wrong places and probably only buy brand name expensive stuff.

This really got me thinking on how much our food actually cost per meal. So for the last few days I have been calculating our meals. These are our meals and costs for 2 adults. I'm thinking of doing this for a week, so I'm half way there.

15 Nov - $10.20
Breakfast - Oats & Coffee - $0.70
Lunch - Hotdogs and Salad - $4.25
Dinner - Roast Chicken with Gravy & Vegies - $5.25

16 Nov - $5.00
Breakfast - Toast with Eggs $ Bacon & Coffee - $1.20
Lunch - Leftover Roast Chicken with Gravy & Salad - $0.50
Dinner - Stirfry with Rice - $3.30

17 Nov - $6.50
Breakfast - Oats & Coffee - $0.70
Lunch - Leftover - No cost
Dinner - Homemade Tacos with loads of vegies - $5.80

18 Nov - $2.50
Breakfast – Muesli, Toast & Coffee - $0.80
Lunch – Leftover Taco with boiled Potato with sour cream- $0.70
Dinner - More Tacos (DH just loves it so much) and I also had some Tuna and mayo sandwich - $1.00

Let's just round it up to $25 shall we. So our main meals for 4 days only cost us $25, thats $6.25 per day for two people!
Okay we do eat a lot of leftovers because we normally cook in large batches, main reasons is we like to take leftovers for lunches to work. This might be boring for some but it doesn't bother us. And we also make things from scratch which really helps to cut the cost down. In above menus even the taco seasoning and gravy are made home made. And we also like to have a lot of either salad &/or vegies with each meal, apart from breakfast of course. Speaking of breakfast, I can't believe that for most morning it actually cost us less than $1 to make.

Okay, so I will have to concede that you can't just buy 50cents worth of sour cream for example, you actually have to buy the whole bottle. Sometimes you will end up having waste but if you are resourceful you should be able make something else with it.

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  1. homebody Says:

    Of course it is cheaper to cook and eat at home, unless like you said, you throw half away. Even so, yes maybe buying a take and bake pizza for your family is the same or less than a chicken dinner with potatoes and veges, but the nutrtional value is important to consider to. I think what you are doing is fascinating and considered doing this, in fact I did do my breakfasts.

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