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Unexpected 2 NSD in a row

September 3rd, 2008 at 05:31 am

Yesterday's NSD was expected, however today NSD was not planned at all. We were meant to go to Aldi after work today but we got stuck in traffic. We were over an hour late than usual, it would have been already closed if we went. Oh well, we are not that desperate yet and will go Friday night when they are open a little bit later. Because we were running late we also almost got some takeaway (takeout) after work but somehow talked ourselves out of it. You should've have heard our conversation in the car, it was so funny. We we’re both very hungry already. One minute we agreed to get bbq chicken but then we took turned convincing ourselves why we shouldn’t. So in the end we agreed to have some of the leftover minestrone soup I made yesterday with toast. That helped got rid of the hunger pains, and I then cooked something else for main. BTW it has been 16 days since we got takeaway! I like to see how long we can go without buying it. Maybe we can hold out for the whole month. That would be a first for us.

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