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Fuel Consumption

April 12th, 2008 at 12:45 am

It's been 3-4 months now since we got our car converted from petrol to LPG. Well I thought I should share with you guys the results so far. From Jan to Mar we spent $221.51, which is an average of $73.83 per month. To compare it to last year we average $96.79 per month, which means we are currently saving almost $23 per month. Itís probably more, since we had been driving a bit more this summer and the petrol prices are now about 10-20 cents more expensive than this time last year. LPG were also more expensive here during summer (about 10 cents) due to higher demand for it in the US and Europe winter.

Overall we are very happy with our decision to convert our car, we havenít covered the cost of the conversion yet, but now we can go away on the weekends a bit more. It is also cleaner to the environment.

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