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City Trip

April 3rd, 2008 at 04:43 am

I just got back from spending most of the morning in the city. I had a dentist appointment at 9:30am so I went with DH (he was on his way to work). The city center is about 30mins train ride from our place. The dentist was another 10mins tram ride from the train station where I got off.

After the Dentist, I went to my health insurance office and got my rebate back from my surgery last month. I got $340 back. They gave me $200 in cash (the max they could give over the counter) and the rest will be deposited into my bank account. The dentist visit today was free, already paid for it last time (which I got full rebate back from my health insurance). It was only 5mins check up, just to make sure it is healing up nicely.

Then after that I went to the Medicare office to lodge the payments for the Anaesthetist. I should get two cheques (1 from Medicare and 1 from my health insurance), I don't don't how much it will be. I will have to cover the rest. The anaesthetist will cost $400, hopefully I won't have to pay too much out of pocket.

And then after that I went to the bank that I have been looking into to open a joint account with DH. I was able to get all the info that I need to open the account. There is no monthly fees (so I should be able to save $4p/month) but there are a lot of limits. Can only use ATM 5 times a month and then after that it will cost $2 each time. There is an unlimited online transactions - so that's good. EFTPOS are also unlimited. but going in the bank's branch will cost an arm and a leg - $5 each time. Although I don't think I will be going into a branch that often since the closest one is in the city. I just don't get there that often. DH won't be using the account that much at all. Hopefully we can open it sometime this month, DH and I will have to make time for it. To open it we have to deposit $2,000 but once that account is establish there is no minimum amount requirement, so we will have take it out right away. I will use the EF money to open it.

After at the bank, I also went to a jewellry store where we got my engagement ring to get my ring cleaned. I can get my ring clean there for free anytime I want. Unfortunately, they were still close Frown. They open really late for some reason.

By 12:00pm, I went to meet up with DH for lunch. He works about 5mins from the city, so I caught another train to get there. We just had subway.

I didn't get home until 2pm, I'm really tired now. Too much excitement for me Wink.

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  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Sounds like a busy but fruitful morning!! I'd be tired too!

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