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April 2nd, 2008 at 10:24 am

Someone in my previous post asked why i pay $4 a month for bank fees. Unfortunately that is probably one of the best deal last year for the stuff it allows me to do. DH used to pay $10 per month and that is why he doesn't have a bank account at all anymore. His bank use to have our mortgage and he used to use it for free until we change our mortgage over to a lesser interest rate (different institution). All of DH's pay just goes straight to the mortgage account (a redraw account, which helps lowers the interest rate paid for the month). This account is connected to one of his creditcard, which what he uses as his bank to redraw money from the redrwa account. We have only really come across a problem once, it was when he had to cash in cheques. he didn't have a bank to cash it in. So he had to sign it at the back and had to put it in my bank.

For the last year now I have been keeping my eye on the bank that don't charge fees, most of them requires having minimum balance (not very beneficial to us, I could get more than $4 p/m by putting the money in the mortgage or online account). However, last month we did came across one that might be really good for us to open a joint account with. Hopefully we will have some free time soon to go in the city to open a new account.

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