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No Pizza Tonight.

March 14th, 2008 at 10:49 am

The weather today was 40 degrees Celcius (about 105 deg F.), so it was a stinker. I had a massive headache all day. It was really hard to concentrate at work, I thought I was going to throw up a few times. I had to go to the bathroom and wash my face with some cold water and took couple of tablets. I was probably dehydrated, even though I keep drinking water it was still not enough.

After work we had to go get some milk and other stuff. It was such a relief being inside the shops where it was so much cooler. We do have an air conditioner at work but it's not working properly, if we put it too low it gets really icy cold, especially for the girl that sits right under the vent. Anyway, so DH and I decided to stay in the shops until it cooled down outside (a late change was forecast). Since we were there we decided to get some needed clothing for DH and some not so needed ones for me. Luckily everyone seems to be having a sale. DH really needed some running socks and work pants. All up we spent just over $83, and with it we got:
5 pairs of socks - $9.45
2 business pants - $25.00
2 long sleeves tops - $19.00
2 sweaters - $30.00

While shopping we started talking about making pizza for dinner, we both agreed to not bother. DH was still really full from his big lunch at work (they went to an all you can eat place), and I wasn't that hungry either. So, we decided to postpone the pizza until lunch tomorrow (we will be going out tomorrow night) and just shared something light which cost $8.50 including a can of drink.

By the time we got out it ws already 8:30pm and the weather has cool down to about 30deg (86degF). This is very typical of our weather here, a shift in the wind direction can change the temp quite dramatically.

When we got home it was already 9pm but the house was still hot, so we had to open the doors and windows to let the cool air in. 9pm is just too late to start making pizza, not too mention it was too hot, so eating out wasn't such a bad idea under these circumstances.

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  1. NJDebbie Says:

    It sounds like a migraine headache to me! The heat makes migraines feel worse. I hope you feel better. I think that you made the right choice about the pizza. The cheese and the sauce would've made your headache feel really... really... really bad.

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