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2007 Recap

December 29th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Well, it has been a great year, and we hope to have an even better year in 2008.
Iíve been blogging for almost a year now. One of the best things I did this year was to put my goals in my blog where I got to see it almost every day. I didnít quite achieve all my goals; however, I was aiming really high.

What have we achieved this year?

Credit Card debt Ė we managed to pay off more than 2/3rd of our CC debt. We could pay it all off now but choose not to. For us it makes more sense to put the money in the mortgage redraw account instead because of its higher interest rate. Will most likely get rid of it by the end of 2008 (maybe?).

Personal Loan and Retirement Ė The personal loan was paid off half way through the year. We used to pay $40 a week for this loan. We now used half of that amount to fund my retirement account, which the Australian government match it by 150%. Unfortunately, they only match up to $1K, thatís why I only put $40 every two weeks.

Emergency Fund Ė Sad to say that we only achieved 65% of this goal but might still have a bit of money to put in at the end of this month. I guess this wasnít high in our priority list mainly because the saving in the redraw account of our mortgage can also be thought of as our EF but I really donít want to think of this way. I really donít want to touch that money unless we really really really have to. Iíve decided next year Iím going to set up a regular deposit into this account, plus any extra money I could find until it is fully funded.

Long Term Saving (Redraw Account) Ė Itís looking like that after this month we should have almost $14K into this account (although I will probably take some money out to put in the medical fund and other slush funds that need extra funding). So overall, we should have at least $13K into this account, which means we more than double my saving goal! We should be able to double this amount next year because DH will be receiving a big bonus and a severance payment after the work his working now finishes. The great thing is he already has a new job line up.

Car Fund Ė Although we more than achieved the goal, I would have really like to have a bit more in there to start saving for our next car. Also, our car insurance should be due next month (havenít received the bill yet but I think it will be coming soon), which means this fund will be deflated even further. I think next year I will have a separate account for the car registration and car insurance as the Car Fund (for repairs and money towards the new car).

Holiday Fund Ė we are 20% over the budget but no regret what so ever. Next year will be more than this year we are already planning a nice couple of holidays. We will have to budget $5-$6K for it, I think. Of course, will try to spend less than that.

Christmas Fund Ė although was not fully funded we managed to have a great Christmas without going over the budget.
Investments Ė this went beyond my expectation, I really didnít think we would have been able to achieve this one but somehow it did. This amount is not even including interests and/or dividends that we received.

Overall, this year our Net Worth surpassed the $100K mark.

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  1. koppur Says:

    Congrats! You had a Fab year! Smile

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