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January 19th, 2011 at 03:08 pm

I got someone here at the moment removing the asbestos that was under the old tiles in our ensuite bathroom. It will cost me $300, this was definitely not in my budget for this renovation but at the same time I did thought that we might have asbestos somewhere. It was widely used when this house was built in the 60's. Oh well, $300 is a lot but I would rather be safe than sorry. The boss guy yesterday said that unfortunately $300 is their minimum charge so even if the area was twice as big it would cost about the same.

At least I know how much to budget for it in the main bathroom when we start renovating that in few months time. Unfortunately, we have the same tiles in the main bathroom and we are 99% sure that the underlay underneath will be the same.

This guys are at least pretty good though, they came right on time when they say they will be here. Unlike the guy we hire the other week to brick in our window. He said he will call back last week to confirm when he can do it but we haven't heard from him at all. We might have to call someone else now. Well he missed out cause I actually was going to hire for a lot more other stuff around the house to do. He could have made a bit of money from us. I guess it is better to find out now that later when he is half way through a job that won't get finish.

Oh they just finish, I better go and pay them.

Out and About Weekend

December 5th, 2010 at 04:42 pm

Our weekend was really relaxing, we didn't do much but some shopping. We went grocery shopping, all up we spent just under $100. $20 was spent on a turkey for christmas. The freezer is now full. We also went and got a new basin for our ensuite. This is our first purchase for our bathrooms renovation. This place that we found is a lot cheaper than the other once so far. We got a perfect size for our ensuite so we bought it and it fit in the car. We also found a couple different sizes for the main bathroom. We will go back next month after christmas. This place is so much better than the other places that we been to, a lot cheaper for the same product. The only problem is the shop is in the other side of town. They also got nice toilets that we want to get and the taps are more reasonably price. We asked how much the delivery will be to our place and it would be $120, which is quiet a bit. But the guy that serviced us said that he could do it for half that if we come on the weekend. Luckily he lives near our place and he normally does the delivery during the week and hence own a truck. If we go there on the weekend then he can drop off the stuff at our place on his way home. Perfect! Smile

Got $60 cash as dividend payment for one of our stock. Nice!

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